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Lately my creativity is being spent elsewhere and my brain is too cluttered to craft apparently. So here are some result of fun with iphonography (or fauxraloid photos! Regardless of artistic de/merit of such a thing, it’s  quite fun, I must admit. I’d love to use vintage cameras but I imagine the bulk of the camera itself and the cost of processing doesn’t fit very well in my life style. …So why not simulated cameras, people have been using simulated vintage amps in music with good success for years!).






Hand Stitching

I asked my mom to show me basic patch working and quilting while she was here last October. We ran through all the basics then, but I hadn’t had chance to see if I can actually do this on my own. …So here’s my first try!

It’s entirely hand stitched. In fact, one of the reason why I wanted to take up small patchwork/quilt project is to improve my hand stitching skills. I think that expertly done hand stitching is far more beautiful than expertly done machine stitching. Though the catch is that mediocre hand stitching is far less acceptable than mediocre machine stitching. I have a long way to go!

Oh, and if you wondered what it is, its a coaster (or mug rug or whatever you call it!). It was the smallest item I could think of to make.

It’s made of happy colors, a contrast to sense of gloom I inevitably feel for consequences of the disastrous earthquake in Japan. I’ve chosen not to follow up on it too carefully in news (because it makes me feel depressed which is completely useless when all my friends over there are trying their best to stay positive), aside from checking in on my friends over there to see that they are doing okay. I can’t even imagine what its like to not have food in Japan — in Japan!