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S’mores and Roasted Squash

Still having no working stove/oven in the kitchen, we tried making best of it enjoying campfire cooking. Dessert first, making s’mores and eating them too. I have gotten so much better at roasted marshmallows, incinerating only one in four or so.


We roasted squash we grew in the garden to make squash soup. I had never been a huge fan of squash (I was growing squash primarily for entertainment with vague intention of feeding them to chickens!) but these were amazingly delicious. We shall grow a ton more next summer!



We found a pretty country road while driving on Saturday.

And had a cupcake. This one is from SweetestThing Cupcakes. The thing that I loved about this cupcake is that it tasted like a really good cupcake, instead of a cake in a cupcake shape (which a lot of fancy cupcake tends towards). It had the most amazing frosting ever!

Our friend who had been a professional nanny in previous years offered to babysit for us. (I have much admiration for people who can deal with other people’s kids!) Todd and I left Immi & Ashland to go watch UFC at our friends for 30 minutes, and then went to opposite side of PDX to another friend’s welcome back to Portland party for about 40 minutes. Lucian came with us since he thinks that bottles and formula are yucky. Besides, Lucian is quiet and really no trouble. So ‘Yay!’ for social life, which has been somewhat sparse having been so busy this past year — thank you Jen!

Saturday Cupcakes

I had been meaning to go seek out some cupcake shops around Portland for over a year…and finally, our very first Cupcake adventure! We went to Cupcake Jones in Pearl district and got a dozen mini-cupcakes.(Weird lighting due to photo taken in the car while Todd ran into the store to pick up a few items!)

Here’s red velvet cupcake (which immi decided was her’s and ate TWO).

And this one is vanilla. I really liked this one!

These cupcakes were really really yummy (and pretty too!) — best cupcakes I have ever had…but that’s probably because we haven’t had much proper cupcakes 😀 I’m looking forward to sampling all the cupcake shops around town over time. Living in Portland, I have come to loose interest in finding “best” of anything since there are so many very very yummy things to eat and pretty places to go to that the deciding on which is “best” is just silly. I love all the variety that makes PDX so exciting!

Bracelet and Scone

I’ve been into found-object/vintage/mixed-media sort of look for jewelry lately but then I suddenly had the urge to make something simple and earthy. But my crafty stash is as I have been inclined, so not surprisingly, I found nothing to make anything of the sort. There’s lots and lots of local and fabulous bead shops which I’d love to support, but I wanted strands of beads (and not just a few pieces) so minding my budget, off to Michaels (I haven’t had the need to step into this super craft store since I’ve moved to Portland!) I went to pick up some *earthy* beads. (And lucky me — I actually did find a few strands of beads I liked, and all of them were 40% off!). Here’s a bracelet I made with lava rock beads:

And here’s my scone from Delphina’s Bakery with salted sweet cream from Rose Vally and lavender infused blueberry jam from Sundance Farms. Everything from OR, and everything completely divine! Too bad Ashland wanted half of it.

LOVE Cuff and Chocolate

I wanted a project that I can start and finish in one sitting, so I assembled this wrist cuff mostly from scraps that were already on my desk. It only took me about 15 minutes from start to finish because I used sewing machine to do all the stitching except for the buttons and I didn’t bother with making clean seams (it’s meant to fray a little with wear).

The word ‘LOVE’ is stamped onto fabric using fabric ink, and the rest of it is scraps of fabrics, bits of laces and vintage buttons.

I found this chocolate on my desk. Todd got it for me probably because the packaging is cute and it has toffee in it.

Wrist Cuff and a Little Treat

I’m currently working on a wrist cuff. I’ve made quite a few masculine ones in the past for Todd but nothing feminine despite numerous ideas that crossed my mind. So here’s my very first work-in-progress of decidedly feminine wrist-cuff! Everything on it is reclaimed or vintage. I’ve dyed all the lacey bits except for one element (bet you can’t tell which!) in coffee (and vinegar to set the color) for a worn-out look. I’ll probably still move things around on it a bit before it’s done.

And here’s my little treat. It’s a tiny orange meringue puff with strawberry cream in the middle. It’s impossibly fluffy and completely delicious.

Mid Week Beach

I suddenly had the brilliant idea to go to the beach around noon on Wednesday (for a little break + work retreat). Todd and Immi also thought it was a fabulous plan. With the weekday deal + last minute specials, we got a nice room at a really nice price:) And, when we got there, the receptionist had doubled booked our room accidentally, and we got upgraded to the best room they had with no extra charge!

Isn’t the bathroom vintage cute?

I totally love the bath tub! The shower stall is also a steam room :O The rest of the room is nice too, but bathrooms says a lot about a place doesn’t it?

We do realized we are becoming regulars at the beach. There’s a good reason for this. For one, Immi *loves* the beach. And we actually really really enjoy the drive. It’s just the right length for a good conversation with guarantee that immi & ashland won’t be interrupting us (they are both really good while driving) — it’s perfect for discussing and tossing around few ideas.

Besides, it’s so pretty! …And somehow we are quite sure we won’t like it here at the beach as much in the summer.

Here’s the other halves of all four of us!

Todd is taking lots of photos of starfish that are still stuck to the rock during low tide. I had no idea that starfish were so….chubby!

And we finally found a cafe here that we really really like. When I ordered cinnamon roll for immi, it came out looking like this (it’s pomegranate on top of extra icing)!


Today’s teatime treat. It’s called “jammer” from Grand Central Bakery and is very very tasty. I like that it’s buttery enough for me to not need more butter to spread on:)

My mother-in-law gifted me all these soft fluffy white yarn (and bunch of the hooks in the Jar too!). I have here an opportunity here to make something a bit bigger than a scarf and trying to decide on the best use for them.


It’s really hard for me to believe that it’s been TEN years since it turned 2000! How is that possible? And 10 years is 1/3 of my entire life, and that’s a creepy thought.

I’m kinda glad 2009 is over though, honestly. 2009 was definitely a year full of…well, let me just say that it was an exciting year and leave it at that (sometimes I wish exciting will leave us alone!). Anyway, I think I’m ready for a new start.

So today, I’m grateful for the very first coffee time of the year with my little family in the town that we actually WANT to live in. Here’s inside picture of my half eaten ham & cheese turnover because who doesn’t want to see my half eaten ham & cheese turnover 😀