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Ocean Doodles and Treasures

Ocean doodled on the beach! Seaweed and feathers.

Holey rock with water still left in it.

This beach is full of wide variety of rocks. I don’t know much about geology but I can definitely appreciate the variety. Not pictured here, but we found some petrified wood too!

I’m not sure how these happened but we found several rocks with naturally formed dimples.

Emergency Vacation

As it turns out, the wall had accumulated 12 inches of water (I’m so grateful we caught the problem before it all gush out of the wall — what a disaster that would have been!) due to a water pipe malfunction upstairs and one side of it had to be taken down and dried. I don’t so much mind the look but the industrial fan is insanely loud and whatever that’s in the wall being blown out was making me ill. …So Todd suggested we head down to the beach again and stay there while the wall dried and new one get installed.


This is Lincoln Beach. It’s our first time here. When we pulled into the parking space, the sun was setting into the ocean. I love the beach on the west coast because the sunset is beautiful. I’m sure that the sun rise in the east coast beach was beautiful too, we just never woke up early enough to witness it.


Ocean view from the window.


Because its mid week, it’s more like a work-cation for Todd, and it took some creative baby proofing to make the place safer for the kids (without me having to hover over them every single moment…) but it’s admittedly kinda nice to sit by the window overlooking the beach. I’m enjoying the drizzly weather here at the coast because we usually go when it’s “nice” out for maximum enjoyment for kids. I think that drizzly, hazy and slightly chilly ocean is beautiful.

When Life Gives You Lemons

I’ve noticed the suspicious water glistening along the edge of kitchen wall since the day before (though I did wonder if it might just be kitties splashing their drinking water) but when I heard what sounded like water dripping onto quite large pool of water (sound design skills come in handy around the house more often than one might imagine! I used my audio detective skills to monitor our kids safety all the time, for one.) I said to Todd “You might have to move all your meetings for the day…”. Anyhow, the maintenance guy came in promptly, and upon discovering that the large portion of the wall will have to be demolished, we decided to pack up and head out for the day. Serendipitously, it was a beautiful day so beach day it was!

I think that sandy hands and feet are so happy!


We ventured out to Astoria which is located on north western tip of Oregon and is most famous for being the town The Goonies is set in (though the beach in the movie is actually Cannon Beach!).

It seems to be a port town (I suppose I should go read up about it!) — there were lots of impressively large ships about the pier.

It is a really strange little town with lots of old and interesting looking buildings.

It’s about 2 hours drive from where we live, and we promised Immi and Ashland beach time, so we stopped by Sunset Beach on the way home. It was a lovely quiet beach with beautiful sparkly sand.


We were all having MONSTER of a Monday morning (well, except for Ashland, he is almost always happy). Sometimes, the worst of the days are the ones with all kinds of small annoying things  — not the one with major catastrophes (we have those too, but we handle these fairly well).

Anyhow, by the time noon came around, I said “Forget this, lets just go to the beach. It’s really nice out and it’s not like we’d get much of anything useful done anyways no matter how much we try!”. And so Todd wrapped up a few things that did have to get done as I packed necessary items for a mini beach trip and out the door we went.

And we were blessed with the most beautiful of summer’s day spilled into autumn.

We aspire to live all aspect of our lives conscientiously — and that takes a lot of effort, time and relentless hard work. Sometimes we just need a spontaneous vacation from all that, even just one day goes a long way (though 2 weeks would be really nice!).

Days like this help us remember that it’s all worth it.

Beach Once Again

We are being the repeat customers at the Cannon beach. Some days are so *blah* but it takes just a bit of spontaneity (and a lot more in effort getting over the fact that some days just aren’t meant to getting a whole lot done!) to turn things around for the better.

The sunset made the sky purple!

We found a candy shop at Seaside (a beach town about 10 minutes drive from Cannon beach)!

When I saw the shadow cast on the beach, I thought of Todd’s various shadow/reflection self-portraits, so here’s mine 🙂 I just got the hat, it fits snugly and will surely come in handy often!

This is the view from the car when Todd ran out to shoot some photos. I felt peaceful just imagining sitting here for hours to do absolutely nothing. …Which is something not likely to happen anytime soon, so I took the picture as a souvenir.

Sunday at the Beach

We wanted to do something special for Immi’s birthday, and we had an idea to go to the beach. We just weren’t sure if we should go this weekend or the next weekend. Suddenly in the afternoon, we decided that today was the day…so we packed up and headed out.

After 1.5 hour drive from home, we got to the beach. The almost-birthday-princess splashed about along the water, Ashland hung out in the stroller, Todd photographed the sky and the ocean.

It’s a glorious day at the beach — hard to believe it’s still February!

…And then, the sun set.