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Lapis Lazuli

Such a pretty stone with a pretty name. Assortment of favorite items in the bead box came together when Todd found me this wooden triskele and thought I’d love it.



Creating as Meditation

I would have to say, most effective stress-relief activity for me is beading. With beads, I like to make things that inspire quiet because reality of life definitely lacks in that department.


This one here is made with sandalwood beads (accented with few vintage jade beads) and smells amazing! Sandalwood is the most heavenly scent in the whole world, maybe only second to coffee.

owlsandalwoodThat said, while I was taking these photos, Oskar the cat found a feather out of my treasure/photo-prop train-case, chewed it up, and when I looked his way (because I heard cat-barfing sound), he ran away stepping on and tearing antique book pages (which I use for background texture for photographing little things sometimes) in the process. Waahhhh. So much for quiet time.


Designed by Lucian

Lucian has been really enjoying beading! Actually he’s been able to thread beads with ease since before he turned one, but at this point his designs are quite nice. In fact cute enough that Immi wants to wear them, which is a huge compliment fashion-wise. Given the jumbled up mostly plastic beading supply, I really couldn’t have made anything better than Lucian even if I tried hard.




Finding Quiet

Looking for quiet and prayerful moments in crafting…because it’s nowhere else to be found in reality at the moment in my life! Also, I wanted to experiment mixing contrasting materials — stones, wood, shells, metal, textile etc.




Making Jewelry for Kids

I made some sparkles for kids. Owl bracelet for Lucian.



Bunny bracelet for Ashland.



And feather pendant for Immi.


Little Bracelets

Our kids love wearing accessories. And I love making them. …So why I never thought to make jewelry for kids until now, I haven’t the slightest clue! Anyhow. I was experimenting on a beading idea — by experiment, I mean that I didn’t intend on actually finishing into a wearable item — when Ashland took a peak into the beading trey and claimed it as his bracelet. And so it is: Ashland’s bracelet. Made from buri seed, wood and (probably reconstituted?) turquoise strung on hemp.

And this one is rainbow color resin beads on hemp.

These just slips on, which seem to work very well. I’ve found that beads stung on elastic don’t last for kids, and clasps are nuisance. The slip on bracelets seem comfortable for kids to wear (Ashland wears it all day except for bath-time)  and as long as they are exactly the right size, they don’t come off until it gets taken off. …Well, unless you are Lucian — his wrists are pudgier than his hands so nothing stays on all that well on him

Hi There!!

Been a long time! I don’t suppose you missed me? Anyhow. I been silent for a short while because we have been trying to make some big things happen around here and I can make change happen best in silence and perfect stillness. Well, at this point in my life “silence” is only metaphorical (or something…) since that almost never happens with 3 little ones around. Like Todd said the other day “It’s such a strange thing that ‘silence’ have become a commodity since kids came around…”. Regardless, I have been productive craft-wise despite everything since in crafting, I find my sanctuary. The pursuit of the quiet seems to have influenced my beading ideas a bit.

The above bracelet uses two of my fimo clay beads. When I imagined the sort of jewelry I wanted to make — something ancient and at the same time futuristic looking — I didn’t have any such beads in my stash, so I just made some.

I have also been making water kefir almost daily. It gets drank as fast! I think I will have to double up my production to keep up with the demand. This one is flavored with cranberry and orange. I like drinking it with breakfast.

Another thing that kept me quiet was that I suffered serious migraine for about 2 weeks, which thankfully went away. I haven’t found any medication that works for this, prescription or not.  But towards the end of this horrible migraine episode, I was so fed up with it that I decided to finally try one thing my skeptical self hadn’t tried. I had heard about about wearing amber on skin for pain relief, and recently re-encountered this in the form of teething pain relief for babies (worn as a necklace). Anyhow, I happen to already have very nice quality Baltic amber beads (which my mom gave me…oh, like 7 years ago!) and some hemp to string it on, so I really had nothing to loose. …And to my disbelief, it worked!! It did make me feel dumb for not having tried it sooner. [What happened exactly was that the pain got muted quite significantly over the first 3 hours or so of wearing it — mind you, I had this severe pain non-stop for 2 weeks! — and then over next few days, migraine left me completely. I was too scared to take the necklace off at this point, so I wore it for few days longer!]

The lovely weather season have officially started in Portland. We made the first beach trip 🙂


Lately…(in photos)

Lots on my mind lately which seems to make me wordless. Anyhow, not for lack of doing things that helps me keep my sanity!










Happy No-Turkey-Day and Rainbow Friday

Wishing you are having a happy holiday weekend! Todd and I call this holiday the “No-Turkey-Day”. Because neither of us really like turkey and make a point not to consume turkey in any form. Seriously we can think of million other things we would rather eat. I mean we’ve watched most of Anthony Bourdain’s shows on netflix lately, and…well, turkey remains unmentioned, for a good reason I’m sure. We figured out how to make pot roast, it turned out pretty good! I think that many of our friends call this holiday the “Turkey Day” anyhow — as in the day in which family get together and have a feast (which is a wonderful thing to do), as opposed to “Thanksgiving” — the core of which is historical denial.

And while at it, we’ve also renamed “Black Friday” (which have been, for the past 5 years, the day we stay in and NOT shop) a “Rainbow Friday” (we believe in therapeutic benefits of silliness!) and spend the day making things. This is what I made. Bracelet in which I’ve revisited the hemp jewelry technique.


Stacking Bracelets

I made some bracelets.