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S’mores and Roasted Squash

Still having no working stove/oven in the kitchen, we tried making best of it enjoying campfire cooking. Dessert first, making s’mores and eating them too. I have gotten so much better at roasted marshmallows, incinerating only one in four or so.


We roasted squash we grew in the garden to make squash soup. I had never been a huge fan of squash (I was growing squash primarily for entertainment with vague intention of feeding them to chickens!) but these were amazingly delicious. We shall grow a ton more next summer!


Best Soup In the Whole Entire World

After two weeks of awaiting repair for stove/oven and finding out that parts to fix it won’t come in for another two weeks, I ran out of patience for positive-thinking regarding this issue but, Todd made absolutely delicious soup over backyard campfire!


Made from a bunch of veggies we grew in the garden, choosing to have a good day instead of bad one — it makes this pot of soup not just delicious, but also the best soup in the whole entire world!


Here’s photo of Mandala (aka Mandy). She is the most magnificent looking chicken with iridescent blue-green feather…also happens to be the least brightest of the bunch. She makes the coop happy with her drama everyday!mandala