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February Sunshine

We’ve had ridiculously splendid weather here this ‘winter’ and I’ve been watching out for an extra nice day we can take some time off to go to the coast. And there it was, blue sky 70F day on the beach. Some people were wearing jackets (surely unable to believe how warm it actually was) and others were in bathing suit swimming in the ocean (brave souls, I’m certain the water was cold).






Misty Beach

The summer’s end is fast approaching and we finally made the time to go to the beach. Misty ocean was as pretty as ever and the blue sky that peaked through the clouds every now and then was welcomed too.







Beach Day, Finally.



The ocean called us and so we went to the Cannon beach, one more time before it gets too cold for the season.


It did get a little cold as the sun set. Bye bye beach, until next spring!



Dusk At Cannon Beach

We were just at the beach 8 days ago or so but Todd  was weary of having sat in front of computer for extended length of time this week and suggested we have a ‘business meeting’ while driving out to the coast. I hesitated (because I’m too practical sometimes) but agreed. I knew it would be chillier than it was last week and it was, but there was a perk: a glorious evening sky!

Is it just my silly superstition that sky is prettier in cooler weather or is there a scientific reason supporting my belief??  Actually, the colors were even more saturated and beautiful about a minute or two before I got these photos. Regardless, kids were delighted to see the “rainbow beach”.


Hi There!!

Been a long time! I don’t suppose you missed me? Anyhow. I been silent for a short while because we have been trying to make some big things happen around here and I can make change happen best in silence and perfect stillness. Well, at this point in my life “silence” is only metaphorical (or something…) since that almost never happens with 3 little ones around. Like Todd said the other day “It’s such a strange thing that ‘silence’ have become a commodity since kids came around…”. Regardless, I have been productive craft-wise despite everything since in crafting, I find my sanctuary. The pursuit of the quiet seems to have influenced my beading ideas a bit.

The above bracelet uses two of my fimo clay beads. When I imagined the sort of jewelry I wanted to make — something ancient and at the same time futuristic looking — I didn’t have any such beads in my stash, so I just made some.

I have also been making water kefir almost daily. It gets drank as fast! I think I will have to double up my production to keep up with the demand. This one is flavored with cranberry and orange. I like drinking it with breakfast.

Another thing that kept me quiet was that I suffered serious migraine for about 2 weeks, which thankfully went away. I haven’t found any medication that works for this, prescription or not.  But towards the end of this horrible migraine episode, I was so fed up with it that I decided to finally try one thing my skeptical self hadn’t tried. I had heard about about wearing amber on skin for pain relief, and recently re-encountered this in the form of teething pain relief for babies (worn as a necklace). Anyhow, I happen to already have very nice quality Baltic amber beads (which my mom gave me…oh, like 7 years ago!) and some hemp to string it on, so I really had nothing to loose. …And to my disbelief, it worked!! It did make me feel dumb for not having tried it sooner. [What happened exactly was that the pain got muted quite significantly over the first 3 hours or so of wearing it — mind you, I had this severe pain non-stop for 2 weeks! — and then over next few days, migraine left me completely. I was too scared to take the necklace off at this point, so I wore it for few days longer!]

The lovely weather season have officially started in Portland. We made the first beach trip 🙂


When Life Gives You Lemons

I’ve noticed the suspicious water glistening along the edge of kitchen wall since the day before (though I did wonder if it might just be kitties splashing their drinking water) but when I heard what sounded like water dripping onto quite large pool of water (sound design skills come in handy around the house more often than one might imagine! I used my audio detective skills to monitor our kids safety all the time, for one.) I said to Todd “You might have to move all your meetings for the day…”. Anyhow, the maintenance guy came in promptly, and upon discovering that the large portion of the wall will have to be demolished, we decided to pack up and head out for the day. Serendipitously, it was a beautiful day so beach day it was!

I think that sandy hands and feet are so happy!


We were all having MONSTER of a Monday morning (well, except for Ashland, he is almost always happy). Sometimes, the worst of the days are the ones with all kinds of small annoying things  — not the one with major catastrophes (we have those too, but we handle these fairly well).

Anyhow, by the time noon came around, I said “Forget this, lets just go to the beach. It’s really nice out and it’s not like we’d get much of anything useful done anyways no matter how much we try!”. And so Todd wrapped up a few things that did have to get done as I packed necessary items for a mini beach trip and out the door we went.

And we were blessed with the most beautiful of summer’s day spilled into autumn.

We aspire to live all aspect of our lives conscientiously — and that takes a lot of effort, time and relentless hard work. Sometimes we just need a spontaneous vacation from all that, even just one day goes a long way (though 2 weeks would be really nice!).

Days like this help us remember that it’s all worth it.

Mid Week Beach

I suddenly had the brilliant idea to go to the beach around noon on Wednesday (for a little break + work retreat). Todd and Immi also thought it was a fabulous plan. With the weekday deal + last minute specials, we got a nice room at a really nice price:) And, when we got there, the receptionist had doubled booked our room accidentally, and we got upgraded to the best room they had with no extra charge!

Isn’t the bathroom vintage cute?

I totally love the bath tub! The shower stall is also a steam room :O The rest of the room is nice too, but bathrooms says a lot about a place doesn’t it?

We do realized we are becoming regulars at the beach. There’s a good reason for this. For one, Immi *loves* the beach. And we actually really really enjoy the drive. It’s just the right length for a good conversation with guarantee that immi & ashland won’t be interrupting us (they are both really good while driving) — it’s perfect for discussing and tossing around few ideas.

Besides, it’s so pretty! …And somehow we are quite sure we won’t like it here at the beach as much in the summer.

Here’s the other halves of all four of us!

Todd is taking lots of photos of starfish that are still stuck to the rock during low tide. I had no idea that starfish were so….chubby!

And we finally found a cafe here that we really really like. When I ordered cinnamon roll for immi, it came out looking like this (it’s pomegranate on top of extra icing)!

Sunday at the Beach

We wanted to do something special for Immi’s birthday, and we had an idea to go to the beach. We just weren’t sure if we should go this weekend or the next weekend. Suddenly in the afternoon, we decided that today was the day…so we packed up and headed out.

After 1.5 hour drive from home, we got to the beach. The almost-birthday-princess splashed about along the water, Ashland hung out in the stroller, Todd photographed the sky and the ocean.

It’s a glorious day at the beach — hard to believe it’s still February!

…And then, the sun set.