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A Cat and a Boy



Service Cat

Oskar waits patiently for Immi to come home from school in her room. We call him ‘service cat’ because he is infinitely patient with kids and always makes himself available to Immi every time she needs comfort.



Mr. Oskar

Best kitty in the entire world.


The Table and a Cupcake

The table is all done! I guess it’s one of those items where pictures don’t do it justice at all. Anyhow, it [barely but still] fits in our current dining room, and we shall find a cute dining room to match our table at some point!

I totally love that it’s seamless. Many large size dining table has extension leaf and it was nothing but trouble with Lucian mucking with it in our previous one (which being vintage, didn’t even come with the leaf that it had opening for…).

And I also love that there is enough space at the end of the table (and away from boys!) for a semi-permanent parking spot for salt & pepper. Pretty little rocks in the jar are from Charlevoix MI — Todd found them for us when he was there few weeks ago for a wedding.

I know that this piece of furniture is the best hang out spot because a cat claimed it. We are going to hunt for mismatched chairs that would look great with this table over time. For now, we put ones we got with other table — which I actually really like because it’s solid and never seem to tip over despite kids.

…and here’s my first ever cupcake from the famous Saint Cupcake. It’s totally good. I enjoyed it. But you know what was even better was their toffee cookie. I dare say, it was THE BEST cookie I ever had. (No photo of the amazing cookie because I ate it. It looks rather ordinary anyhow.)


Mr. Oskar

Fish-Lizzard Thingie

This is what I’m currently stitching (along with accumulating number of WIPs!). It’s artwork for music by my dear friend (which you should go check out!). I saw the this fantastic fish-lizzard monster thingie and wanted to stitch him up. I usually use water soluble pen to mark the image on to fabric but these lines were too detailed so I got out my 0.05mm permanent archival ink pen — I just had to be careful not to make any mistake.

*Stitched with permission

And here’s Oskar posing for me while I figure out the camera features of my new phone. After all, people get iPhone for taking pictures right? The picture is fuzzy because I neglected to take clear film off the back which I didn’t realize at the time was covering the lens…


Scene from the morning. Miss Monroe found the coziest spot. Todd has a pillow over his head because Ashland is singing. He is singing a happy tune, but he is LOUD!


Here’s Oskar being sleepy.


We’ve been enjoying the fireplace a lot lately even though it’s not particularly cold. Miss Monroe loves the fire (Oskar doesn’t). I’m drying some yarn I spun near it though I think I’m not supposed to heat wooley things (I thought it better than staying wet for days in humidity!).


Oskar being a cat by the window.

Oskar in the forest of chairs.