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Key to Faeryland

I made a faux moss terrarium to suspend a tiny key. It’s so small while being quite detailed that it looks like a ginormous garden gate key for faeries! I do wonder what it really opened — cabinets or writing desk?

It has dried moss (no need for water or light!) and little gemstone pebbles below that to make it look like a functioning terrarium.

The wee little key is only about one inch long!

Todd found it for me, along with all these ones. Lucky lucky me!

Crafty Wonderland

We finally made it to Portland’s bi-annual craft fair — Crafty Wonderland! When Todd asked me if I wanted to go to this event by myself, I told him we should all go together. I said this thinking that Lucian would sleep/hangout in his infant seat on the stroller, Ashland would be chillin’ in the back of of the stroller and that Immi would walk around holding my hand. Besides, I thought that Immi would really enjoy it since she seems to love handmade things (I’ve seen her fall in love with handmade toys and wearable things made from hand dyed wool and hand carved wood and such at various local shops).

Well, as it turns out, Immi LOOOOVES handmade things a little too much and had the “I-WANT” overload. When she stepped into the huge room with 200+ vendors all selling a gillion things she likes, she wanted everything, and then got confused, and tired herself out in about 10 minutes! I didn’t suspect this becoming a problem seeing that she never has problem walking out of regular toy shops without buying anything, and she is very good about choosing just a few candies at candy shops.

So we took Ashland out of the stroller and sat immi there (she just sat there clutching big bag of kettle corn creepy quietly the rest of the time). But Ashland wasn’t into the idea of walking around holding my hand because all he wanted to do was stand and jump up and down on this metal square every time he encountered one.

At least, Lucian hang out quietly in his infant seat without complaint. Immi had fun running around ouside Hall D in the Oregon Convention Center though.

…So it wasn’t the most convenient family outing ever, but I enjoyed seeing all the creativity that is part of Portland area. Besides, I’m really glad that Immi has appreciation for things that are hand-crafted with care over plasticky mass produced crap.



Mobile for Lucian

I made a found object mobile for Lucian because we got the impression he would enjoy such a thing.


It looks like I can blog from my phone! (If you can see this post, it means it worked!) Wether this is useful or not, we shall see! Now I can post photos *obviously* taken with iPhone with ease:D

Spring, Hopefully

I made a necklace which I imagined would be perfect for almost spring days that are still chilly. I’ve crochet the chain and the flower, added brassy chain, vintage buttons, key and tied a bow with scrap fabric.

It’s a bit Anthropologie-inspired, which is a description I’ve been seeing quite a lot in crafty-world lately. It’s s curious thing, how a brand becomes an adjective for a style! I’ve loved Anthropologie, ever since the first time I happen to walk into it in Boston during my undergrad years, and have thought many times I’d love to live inside their fabulously decorated retail space. At the moment though, I can’t justify their price tag (especially for their accessories!) for such a (beautiful but…) fragile items in the context of my daily life. …So here’s one I don’t mind grabbed with sticky hands or spat-up on.

Princess Bracelet

I made a princess bracelet for immi because it’s her FOURth birthday! It’s a vintage child-sized bracelet to which I’ve added a bow made from fancy trim and a red button and about 6 inch tail of seam-binding and ric-rack.

I can’t believe Immi is so grown up already.


Lately, most of the time not spent on being the *CEO of Our Household* (sounds much better than SAHM or Homemaker doesn’t it?), I’ve been working at my computer… and while making digital things is satisfying, I do miss crafting! So I made a point to take a few minutes to finish up the sheath for my embroidery scissors which I started before Lucian was born. It’s made from wool felt, embroidered with cotton thread, and lined with interfacing to make it more durable since embroidery scissors are very pointy!

I’m trying to re-engineer the process of laundry, dishes, and cleaning to maximize efficiency because I want to get these things all done, and still have time to play with kids and everything else I need/want to do. At the moment, I’m concentrating on reducing the amount of stuff we have around.

Bracelet and Scone

I’ve been into found-object/vintage/mixed-media sort of look for jewelry lately but then I suddenly had the urge to make something simple and earthy. But my crafty stash is as I have been inclined, so not surprisingly, I found nothing to make anything of the sort. There’s lots and lots of local and fabulous bead shops which I’d love to support, but I wanted strands of beads (and not just a few pieces) so minding my budget, off to Michaels (I haven’t had the need to step into this super craft store since I’ve moved to Portland!) I went to pick up some *earthy* beads. (And lucky me — I actually did find a few strands of beads I liked, and all of them were 40% off!). Here’s a bracelet I made with lava rock beads:

And here’s my scone from Delphina’s Bakery with salted sweet cream from Rose Vally and lavender infused blueberry jam from Sundance Farms. Everything from OR, and everything completely divine! Too bad Ashland wanted half of it.


Todd found and got for me a huge bag full of assorted vintage buttons! I haven’t finished sorting/washing all of them yet, but here are some of them.

…some pretty ones that I especially love.

And here are pearly ones. They are mostly plastic of sorts but some of them are glass.

And here are my favorite ones — I love glass buttons far better than diamonds!


I saw a really really cute pouch the other day at a shop, but I wasn’t about to spend $27 for such a little thing…so I added some love to the spare pouch I already had! The label is made with a rubber stamp on fabric using multi-surface ink. I pinned on vintage key and some crochet stitch markers.

I decided to use it for organizing all the crochet/knitting/sewing/embroidering notions which have been rattling around in the bottom of my crafty-project tote.

While at it, here’s the content of my portable sewing kit. It actually has everything I need for basic sewing that I never even look inside my big sewing kit anymore.

Crafty Goodies!

We were in northern part of Portland for coffee so I had the idea to stop by Knittn Kitten — a thrift shop that specializes in craft supplies. I totally loved the idea of vintage and previously-owned craft supplies since I do feel concerned about how (ironically!) consumerist and unenvironmental crafting can be, and also annoyed by mass-produced poor quality materials. That, and I just love vintage things, especially crafty things! Anyhow, what I didn’t know was what treasure trove this little shop was! I found lots of pretty things…for cheap!

The silver hoop is a vintage spring loaded embroidery hoop. I totally love it, it’s still in good condition, and seems far more functional than modern plastic ones. I always have use for pretty laces and trims! I seem to be collecting vintage knitting needles in shades of pink (They are so cute! Now I have 4 pairs!)

Close up of threads on wooden spools. I always have use for thread in different colors, but these are so cute, it’s a shame to use it up.

Completely amazing vintage glass buttons!

Fluffy yarn. Admittedly, I got them at least in part because of the cute labels. I love vintage labels and tags.