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New Year 2015

Happy New Year!! First bread of the year turned out handsome, if I dare say so myself — I choose to think this is an auspicious sign for the year!


….And Immi learned to crochet. She learned it quickly too — good for her! Right now she is making a scarf. But I know Immi, she’ll make several scarfs (or some such thing) and then one day she’ll have a ginormous and ingenious idea and make it happen. Anyhow I’m excited, if there’s two of us that enjoy crafting with yarn, surely it justifies stash expansion expedition.


Scent of Summer

…Would be lavender for me. Making sachets here, dried lavender smells so nice, it’s therapeutic stitching them. I know it’s practically autumn but it seems we are having a long summer this year.



Also smelling pleasantly of summer is my baby cantaloupe — it ripened. Tastes amazing actually, best I’ve ever had (though I said that about pretty much every piece of veggies and fruit that grew in our garden!). Yum. And I don’t even like cantaloupes. There’s a couple more that will ripen soon. I’ll definitely want to plant more, and also honeydews too next year!


Making Jewelry for Kids

I made some sparkles for kids. Owl bracelet for Lucian.



Bunny bracelet for Ashland.



And feather pendant for Immi.


Recycling Crayons

Somehow we always end up with lots of broken crayons and so we make colorful recycled crayons every now and then. They are pretty and fun for kids to use. Bonus points for being not-easily breakable!


I use silicon mini muffin trey that I keep around for making candles and soaps. Fill it up with broken crayons and bake at 250F until melted (about 20 minutes).



Alphabet Bracelets

Unbelievably, Immi is officially in Kindergarten. Anyhow. Immi resist regular sort of learning so I’m helping her with letters and words of the week by making bracelets with her. She can make and wear new ones every week until she can get excited about learning them some other way.




Ashland wanted to make one too. His is sort of random, but I love it!


A Bag for A Ball

I have been meaning to stitch up some sort of bag for Ashland’s ball because he like to take one outside  often, and it’s not the easiest of things to manage safely (i.e. balls have a way of rolling out of his arm in the parking lot and such). I contemplated converting a t-shirt, but then realized that tank tops would make a much easier conversion to bags!

This tank that got too small is about perfect size for this 5 inch ball. All that was necessary was stitching up the bottom end of the shirt. Though functionally unnecessary, I tucked up the two bottom corners and added buttons for rounded look.

Sewing Bags

I saw Todd using a beat up gallon size ziplock bags for keeping cables organized in his laptop backpack (which do have many many pockets! …but never enough, it seems.) so I stitched up more durable one. All function, no frills.


Also recently, I stitched up a knitting project bag. The main idea for this is that I wanted a bag that can accommodate variously sized content (small to medium yarn related projects) quite snugly. This is so that the knitting needles won’t wiggle around in the bag too much, loosing stitches or poking holes in the bag. I decided to make a wrap closure, and this seem to work quite well for the purpose.


Felted Beads

Kids helped me make some wet-felted beads. They are colorful — I’m not sure what I’ll use them for yet.


Stitching Up A Bunny

Ashland loves bunnies. I’m not entirely sure why. Anyhow, he calls marshmallows bunnies for some reason (because they are fluffy and white?) even though I keep correcting him that they are called “marsh-mal-low”. …And so one day, on a whim, I squished the marshmallow with my fingers into a bunny shape. And Ashland LOVED it. He was so enamored with it that he didn’t even eat it and played with it for few hours. Unfortunately, every time I offer him marshmallows now, he wants me to make all of them bunny shaped. Anyhow. I decided to stitch him up a bunny that is a bit less sticky. I just doodled up one, but no doubt it’s inspired by mishmash of things I’ve seen (Coraline, Lalaloopsy, Skeleanimals…etc. etc).


I’m glad he really liked it! (He fell a sleep with it in his band). It just occurred to me, he would totally adore bunny version of marshmallow peeps won’t he? I’ll have to get some!


Organizing Recipes

I’ve been needing to organize my recipes for ages. Actually, I started it some time ago on index cards…and that system totally didn’t work for me because 1) cards were generally too small for some recipes and 2) there wasn’t a good system for keeping them in useful order. It might seem odd that I should want to organize [gasp!] physical, actual pieces of paper when most of my ‘real’ work is produced digitally. I have tried organizing recipes in folders on my computer, and also google documents — but among numerous complaints, biggest deal-breaker is that I don’t like to bring in my computer into the kitchen. As for google docs, it is quite nice I can access it from my phone…until the screen goes to sleep or I have to scroll down when I have wet hands!

Anyhow. The other day I saw an almost really cute recipe organizing binder. Actually, I think it was at Costco. It had almost cute binder, with almost cute dividers, and almost cute papers in it. But it definitely wasn’t cute enough for me actually want it. I did get an idea though, that I should try the “binder” system. It worked in grade schools for organizing bunch of different subjects, why not recipes? So I dusted off a half-size binder that wasn’t being used (I figured it would work better on the book stand than full size one), and with some craft papers and stickers in my stash — I made this!

I imagine I could probably have bought dividers at office supply shop, but I always try to make things if I have supplies for it — they turned out happy looking!

My categories are a bit different from how most people would organize their recipes, probably. I actually have very little recipes for meals (main dish, salads, soups…) because I don’t generally cook from recipes (If I want to learn to make something, I compare multiple recipes, and then make up my own to suit my pantry and and my taste). But I’m starting to have lots of pieces of paper/digital-documents for breads and cookies (along with haphazard notes from experiments!) because with these things, it’s necessary to get proportions of ingredients right or it doesn’t work at all. “Herbs” section will have my incense recipes which I have been working on and aroma therapy blends (which are currently on  pieces of paper stuck inside various books on the topic…digital ones are forever lost I think). I made “drinks” category because I’m hoping to collect and develope recipes for probiotic drinks (kefir and kombutcha!) in coming weeks. “Craft” section has recipes for homemade playdoughs and glue — I hope I will find more things to put in it.

I made book-cover-like flap for bookmarking the page. Because I know I will need it.

Hopefully it will inspire me to add more to it, and cook/blend/concoct more things!