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New Year 2015

Happy New Year!! First bread of the year turned out handsome, if I dare say so myself — I choose to think this is an auspicious sign for the year!


….And Immi learned to crochet. She learned it quickly too — good for her! Right now she is making a scarf. But I know Immi, she’ll make several scarfs (or some such thing) and then one day she’ll have a ginormous and ingenious idea and make it happen. Anyhow I’m excited, if there’s two of us that enjoy crafting with yarn, surely it justifies stash expansion expedition.


Crochet Bunny Slippers

For various reason, I was quite sure that Immi would love a pair of bunny slippers. I almost bought a pair, but decided to make one instead. I also almost bought a crochet pattern to make one, but decided to wing it and make it up myself. I had a chart for crochet room-shoes in the japanese craft book my mom sent me some time ago which I followed loosely. And then I made up two pairs of bunny ears — it’s formed kinda like a crochet flower…with just one petal.

Vintage Threads and Tiny Crochet Hooks

I totally adore vintage threads of all sorts. This one in amazing color is crochet/tatting thread.

Because I have been crochetting tiny things using regular sewing thread lately, I was hoping to find crochet hooks that are smaller than the ones I can find at regular craft super stores — I have seen very delicate vintage crochet lace so I figured crochet hooks must have come in smaller sizes long time ago. …And I was totally right! I found a whole bunch of really small crochet hooks at Knittn’ Kitten. I’ve added the pin in the photo for scale.

The threads designed for these hooks are very delicate, completely beautiful and come in variety of colors. Look at the price on these things — 15¢  and 30¢ !

And this red one looks like it’s newer than then rest but the color red is rich and I love that it’s slightly variegated.


Crochet Beach Glass

Here’s lace crochet covered beach glass (actually, it’s more of a smoothed pottery than glass…). I’m trying to resist the temptation to always photograph things on the same pale teal color wood surface (a.k.a. Our kitchen table!) no matter how much I like it and convenient it is. Mix things up a bit sometimes, you know!? So here it is on a fabric bound book and old ruler for scale.


Making All Kinds of Things

I’ve neglected to post them, but I have been making things past few weeks . Like these crochet covered glass pebbles. I’m just sort of experimenting here with miniature motif crochet — I guess they are seeds of doily tree, if there were such a thing.

I was contemplating jewelry that would be interesting to touch, and this is what I came up with. It looks like it might be a pendant, but it’s currently a bracelet. Another thought that was on my in making this item was that I always make items that are practical for wearing and wanted to break free from this. Doing “something else” is healthy for creativity, I do think. So the key dangles down low on to the hand and jingles slightly — it’s a dramatic sort of jewelry which I would imagine would look nice with long flowing dress.

And here’s something very practical — a pacifier fob! The reason why I made this is because binkies just gets lost ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I feel like I spend at least 25% of my evening looking for them. I do know about pacifier clips, we even have some, but those aren’t very good for use at home — especially bedtime — because the clip looks uncomfortable to sleep on, and when it’s not attached to clothes, babies chew them up and they aren’t made safe for that. …So, my binky fob, is made to give it some weight to pacies (easy to find if it gets mixed in with blankets and toys), created from chew-safe material, and much more comfortable to roll over onto. Oh, and it’s orange color — it’s easy to spot.

Crafting Serendipitously

When I saw the cute little brass candle holder for $0.99 while thrifting, I immediately wanted to make it into a pin cushion. It had been sitting on my desk when I noticed that the base screws off, which I thought was such an opportunity to thread something onto it. I found 2 hex nuts that fit, which wanted to be covered with crochet with vintage crochet thread I happen to acquire recently. And few more random inspirations and serendipitous happenings later, I ended up with this strange little pin cushion. The cushion portion is needle felted wool. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I suppose it’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

I’m wanting a knitting project, since I haven’t been knitting much lately. I found this rainbow color yarn and immediately thought of Immi and her Carebears. I’m knitting some test patches to see what I want to make with it. I never make swatches but this yarn is a bit weird — it’s a single spun 100% synthetic fiber (I guess cute cheap yarn gets me poor quality…), and also I need to figure out how big each color stripe would be.


Crochet Buttons & Tiara

For some reason I’ve gotten back in to doing crochet! I’m not sure what I’ll do with this, but I made crochet covered vintage shank-style button. It’s made from regular thread and smallest hook I had.



I got the impression that Immi wanted a tiara (she kept making “crown” out of all sorts of things with mixed result — mixed in that most of them won’t stay on her head for long) so I improvised up one with some cheap yarn on hand and crochet hook. She seems to like it!


Spindle Spun Scarf and Strange Dream

Now that it’s almost spring, I finally finished the crochet scarf made from the yarn I spun sometime ago.

I woke up from a strangest dream last night. It was slightly nightmare-ish in that it was dark and accompanied by doom-ish feeling. In the dream, the entire forest (which is perpetually nighttime) is a resonating box where it is completely silent except for that every motion in it translated into a sonic emotion. In my dream when I discovered this, I danced (except it wasn’t really me, and I was watching “me” as a third person)  and the forest made music. The funny thing is that I can probably recreate this sound, if I wanted to. And if I wanted to go one step further, I even have friends who knows all about motion(dance) triggering sounds (Hi! I miss you!!). But for now, I’m content just knowing I can, and have no intention of realizing it actually. But seriously, how does my brain come up with these strange things? This isn’t the first musical dream either. I heard music in my dream when I was in high school. Few years later in college, I figured out that the strange music in my dream made use of quintal harmony (and I did recreate it for a project!).

Spring Project

I’ve been wanting to make spring scarf, and I thrifted a perfect yarn for it at KnittnKitten for $2.75 (It’s a thick&thin 100% cotton yarn — probably handmade, the price tag underneath it says $20!)! …Of course I have this tendency to start seasonal project *during* the season rather than *before* which probably means it’ll be mid-summer by the time I finish this at the rate I’m going with it. I haven’t had much time for knitting as I’d like since I’ve been trying to redesigning my other website, but it’s almost done!

I also thrifted some vintage crochet hooks. Pink one says “hero” on it, and I thought it charming that blue one says “55¢” — for which I’ve gladly shelled out $1.50 😀

Crochet Purse

I finally finished making this purse I’ve been working on. Actually, it took very little time to crochet, but it took me a while before I had the time to line it (which required me to get my sewing machine out). A now, it’s too springy out for a wooley purse! Anyhow, the clasp is a vintage key.