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Strawberries and Country Road

Strawberry season is here!




Lucian says about drive through the countryside with windows down and breathing in sweet scented air…


…”I’m as happy as a dancing kitten!!!”


A happy, sunny, blue sky day. With lots of happy, sweet red strawberries.


To the River

Mini drive to the Columbia River Gorge.





We found a pretty country road while driving on Saturday.

And had a cupcake. This one is from SweetestThing Cupcakes. The thing that I loved about this cupcake is that it tasted like a really good cupcake, instead of a cake in a cupcake shape (which a lot of fancy cupcake tends towards). It had the most amazing frosting ever!

Our friend who had been a professional nanny in previous years offered to babysit for us. (I have much admiration for people who can deal with other people’s kids!) Todd and I left Immi & Ashland to go watch UFC at our friends for 30 minutes, and then went to opposite side of PDX to another friend’s welcome back to Portland party for about 40 minutes. Lucian came with us since he thinks that bottles and formula are yucky. Besides, Lucian is quiet and really no trouble. So ‘Yay!’ for social life, which has been somewhat sparse having been so busy this past year — thank you Jen!

100% Chance of Rain

Shortly after we arrived Sauvie Island, I gasped because I saw a huge rainbow through our car window. (Todd took this photo, just so you know!)

The forecast told us “rain” so we weren’t expecting to walk around. But the weather turned out so lovely that we stopped by the creepy “country store” to buy the wildlife area parking permit…

…and decided to go for a walk. It was quite warm out actually. And not raining at all, not *here* anyways.

There are many beautiful places in Oregon, some of which we’ve been to, and many more we have yet to explore. But we really like Sauvie Island — somehow we feel more “alive” every time we are there, and come out of it feeling more grounded. Besides, it’s only 20-30 minute drive from where we live.

Just a few months ago, I wondered what my [not so little anymore] family would look like as a family of 5. It’s a strange thing how it feels like Lucian has been with us forever already.

Spontaneous excursion with unexpectedly perfect weather makes a very special Saturday!


It was such a lovely day out that we went out for an impromptu drive after our Saturday Coffee. We drove through the downtown…

…and further towards Mount Hood (we think it’s Mt. Hood…)

…and along the Columbia River Gorge…

…and through the winding road…

…and there it was, Multinomah Falls. Ok. My photo doesn’t do the it justice, I got too preoccupied taking blurry photos of winding road. I got this one shot from inside the car (…and I don’t know why nature looks so creepy when it gets photographed by me!) because it had suddenly gotten cold with the sunset so I stayed in the car with Immi and Ashland. It seems Todd got some nice photos though!

…And driving back into town at dusk.

You can actually see the falls very well from few different points in the scenic drive and is completely worth it even if you don’t take the hike. It’s only 35 minutes-ish drive from our place, so we’ll venture out again hopefully well before the sunset next time!