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Cucumbers Etc.

We are starting to get lots of cucumbers! Long skinny ones are Japanese cucumbers.


The baby cantaloupe is visibly bigger everyday — how gratifying it is to watch!


Little spiders are welcomed in out garden, unless they are poisonous.


Perfect little lemon meringue pie from the local farmers market which we finally made the chance to go to!


Autumn at Farmer’s Market



No better place to see the change in season than Farmer’s Market.


Apples. Lots of pretty Apples, everywhere.



Farmer’s Market

Nonconformist carrot doing karate kick at the Farmer’s Market in Beaverton!

It’s basically the very end of berry season — but there’s last of the blueberries.

Cute Little Apple

I saw this apple at the market, and I just had to bring it home. It actually looks like it grew on a tree!

…Though I realize this is a silly thought considering the fact that every apple does grow on a tree.

Free Corn

Since we spent the Saturday adventuring to Astoria, we decided to pick up some fresh fruits and veggies at the Tigard Farmers market which happens on Sundays. And there was a very nice lady there who was giving away FREE (no agenda, no advertisement, not even a tip jar, only to make people happy!) corn on the cob. And it wasn’t just free, it was amazingly delicious! Life in Portland has been amusingly full of random encounters and happenings — it’s definitely one of many things we love about living here.

Summer is Yummy

To be honest, I really don’t care much for sunshine but I do love how veggies and fruits are tasty and cheap in summer! Which means of course time to hang out at Farmer’s markets on weekends. (Aren’t those pink potatoes pretty??)

Here’s lunch at the market: bacon and greens on bagel with cream cheese. We don’t eat bacon by amounts perilous to our health but these ones were super tasty.

Look at this lettuce — so big and happy!

We got a small bunch of asparagus. This really thick one and really skinner one were part of the same bundle!

I quartered really big ones and halved slightly big ones and grilled the bunch with lots of fresh garlic and rosemary.

Fruits and Veggies

We went to the Farmer’s Market in Beaverton today and had a good time getting some fruits and veggies even though it was definitely a bit too hot (summer weather like this has been rare in Portland — I suppose I should enjoy them even though I prefer chillier overcast days…). Here’s some grapes we found, it’s the bestest grapes I’ve ever had — EVER!

We got some gorgeous artichokes!

And mysterious looking purple peppers! I’ve never seen purple peppers, but it does indeed smell like a very yummy pepper.