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Garden Weeds

While Immi and Ashland are at school, Lucian and I spent some quiet time in the garden. Lucian loves to find little pretty flowers (mostly weeds of sorts).


Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch at Sauvie Island Farms because well, kids are obsessed with pumpkins.


Nature in autumn — Life and death visibly co-existing is beautiful, isn’t it?




There were pumpkins too of course.


Lucian found some ginormous ones!






Twilight and A Burger

It has been so long since I spent any kind of real time, effort or budget on my wardrobe (due to waxing and waning figure past 5 years) to a point I had no idea what size I ended up being. Anyhow, I decided to spend my precious weekly date with myself (because minding three noisy kids 24/7, even with a fantastically supportive husband like Todd will drive anyone insane!) actually trying on some clothes at Bridgeport Village. And I did. Quite lamely though, I bought nothing except for a scarf  which I meant to buy last year to replace one like it that I had lost — it was 75% off (it’s good to dilly dally sometimes!). I got bored of shopping, in about one hour and fifteen minutes, and sat down with a burger.

I saw the ground where various patterns meet and thought it’s the kinda photo Todd would take and so I did that on his behalf.

I happen to be sitting in front of the cinema with my burger. The sun is setting, and lights are being turned on!

I tried to resist taking pictures of humdrumly landscaped flowers, but they were just so brightly yellow and hard to ignore.

…and then I noticed that the sky has turned gorgeous pink and purple!

I do love summer twilight in the Pacific Northwest — the way the temperature drops no matter how hot it had been during the day, and lovely colors the sky turn into illuminating everything on earth with a touch of magic.


Across the River

We thought it’d be daring to cross the river and step onto Washington State. Our destination point: a little cafe. Quite anti-climatically, it only took us 20 minutes drive (thought it’s quite fun to drive over the big bridge). We are standing on Washington side of the river looking over at Oregon.

Tiny flower growing by the river. I love cute little wild flowers!

And more flowers:

In my absent mindedness, I can’t even remember the name of the coffee shop we went to, but it was tastefully cozy with very well-kept corner for kids to play in. However, it didn’t occur to us until then, that it’s probably silly to venture into WA state just for coffee because of tax! There’s no sales tax in Oregon — which is totally amazing, but something we’ve already been taking for granted.

Sauvie Island Farms

We spent our Saturday at Sauvie Island which is a cluster of farms (many of these farms have veggies and fruit picking) and markets just 20 minutes drive from our place. It’s the most beautiful summer’s day in Portland — not too hot in the sun, not too cold in the shade and with blue sky and perfect breeze.

Pretty flowers (you can cut these yourself to purchase by the bunch).

There are sunflowers too.

And then we drove around the island for a few minutes and found a U-Pick farm (they grow all kinds of fruits and veggies that can be picked and paid for by the weight — like a grocery store that grows on earth). Blueberries and Blackberries are in season now!

These are the most gorgeous black berries ever, and they taste amazing!

We were told that blueberry season is ending soon, but we still found plenty of delicious blueberries.

It makes me happy that, living here in Portland,  our kids get to experience simple and wonderful things about nature — like that yummy things grow on earth (and not in grocery stores pre-washed and packaged in plastic!) and that ever changing edible blessings comes with continuously cycling seasons.