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It Smells Like

…Spring! But it sure still feels kinda wintery. Lilac (is it lilac?) that came with the house is a bit scraggly and I considered pulling it out last year but I couldn’t because it flowers heavenly scented pale pink flowers.


Otherwise, our garden still looks barren and the sunlight feels cold.


eveninglight2I’m starting to think about what seeds I should find for starting various vegetables.  In the meanwhile, nothing better than staying cozy with a warm tea in a cute cup!



Rainbow Carrots

Colorful assortment of carrots from out little carrot patch.


We get rotisserie chicken every week because it is one of very few source of protein Immi eats. After few years of weekly rotisserie chicken, I can’t possible eat another bite of it, but I make soup stock with it almost every week which I still enjoy. I put in whatever veggie bits I happen to have (which is sometimes nothing) but today’s got carrots and italian parsley from the garden. …And this is the best stock I’ve ever made, including ones I made from whole [not rotisserie] chicken! It is absolutely amazing how much difference the extreme freshness of these ingredients make in a soup.


Droplets and Sunshine



Afternoon Snack Time

After school snacks provided by our garden. I can’t believe strawberries grow this late in season (this is everbearing variety, even still!).


Also the carrots I planted toward the end of summer grew fast!


While I fed kids fresh fruits and veggies for snack, I had for myself a less healthy but lovely apple tart from St Honoré. I love this bakery.


Garden Treasures

Digging up the ground to plant red currants unearthed some pretty rocks and petrified wood! I’m not sure how they got there, or if they had been there for a long time, but how neat! Also the little Japanese pear tree produces some small but deliciously sweet pears.


Tiny bowl full of mixed berries curtesy of our garden.


Unrelated but, I found these ginormous popsicle sticks at Scrap and thought that the label was cute.


Planting Pear Tree

We planted a little asian pear tree.


Grow strong and fruitful, little tree!


Little Garden Grows

Out little garden is growing — despite having been planted a little late, they seem to be catching up fast!


Is anything cuter than a little eggplant flower??


…And of course among newbie gardening successes is annoyance. In the form of aphids among roses in the front side garden. Eeew. Anyhow, after some poking around for natural solutions, I made tomato leaf spray. It totally worked!gardengrows3

Blueberry Harvest

Harvesting first of blueberries. Not a bad yield for such a little bush!




Tiny Harvest

I would spend my entire day indoor if I’m left to my own devices. But because kids are making full use of the backyard I end up gardening while watching kids play. I guess I got myself a new hobby by default. Herbs and vegetable starts are growing well, I planted some seeds as well. I do love having fresh herbs easily available!


The play structure that came with the house, I don’t know that it is something we would have thought put it there. But as it turns out, it is essential for our kids. It occurs to me watching them play, that Immi is basically getting to do things that she only did once a week at her occupational therapy sessions (building core strength, balance, hand strength etc.) every single day. It took them some time figuring out what to do this tire swing (it’s really heavy so it doesn’t swing easily) but they figured out how to play with it and love it now.


Garden Weeds

While Immi and Ashland are at school, Lucian and I spent some quiet time in the garden. Lucian loves to find little pretty flowers (mostly weeds of sorts).