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Bitty Cute Fuzzy Things

Seriously, these little things are so cute! I know they grow fast so I’ll have to take lots of photos!




Our little mulberry tree is fruiting too!


Gardening Season Begins

Spring came here so early that I didn’t even have a chance to wish away rain but I’m looking forward to having garden full of veggies and fruits this summer! I’m most excited about Japanese pear tree is flowering.


Lucian loves the kale that survived winter, he also sang a song at the dormant artichoke so that it’ll comeback this year — hilarious!



Spring Is

Spring is on it’s way, apparently. The apple tree is budding.


As is the blueberry bush, which I was happy to see that it survived the winter.


And the little pot of dried up and browned sage that I just trimmed down [hoping it would grow back] a few days ago sprouted new little leaves.


Tidying Up

We were blessed with warm sunshine past few days and I took the time yesterday to finally tidy up the garden. …Something I should have done at end of summer no doubt, but better late than never! Back to the usual foggy and chilly mornings today.


Little patches of moss are growing everywhere.



It’s still warm and summer-like but I can tell that the sun casts a different sort of golden light over our garden these days. I see that the plants are in a hurry to finish producing as many of the fruits as possible before the cold weather rolls in. We harvested mini-pumpkins! Next year, I’d love to plant big ones.


We transplanted this pepper plant from the over crowded raised bed not too long ago. I wasn’t sure if it would survive being transplanted so late in the season, but it’s thriving — seems a lot happier to have it’s own space.


I’ve frozen gallons and gallons of peeled and seeded tomatoes in the past few weeks. It took serious effort, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it for taste of summer during winter.


Potted herb garden is doing well these days as well. I appreciate that they grow back even bigger as I harvest them. I see now that not taking was my mistake in basil plants that stayed small in previous years.


…And look!! An artichoke! I can’t believe it actually grew. It was practically dying when I bought it with two little sad shriveled leaves. It revived nicely but I never expected it would flower off-season.


Veggie Pizza

Fresh veggies from the garden (peppers, tomato, basil) inspired the idea to make homemade pizza but I was kinda lazy to make a bunch of neat little circular ones so I made a big one to fill an entire cookie sheet…like sicilian pizza? But with thinner crust, I like thin crust.


Look at this cute heirloom tomato! I can’t believe we grew it — it looks and tastes extra fancy.



And, cantaloupe — not so little anymore!



Apparently, there’s nothing more exciting for a little kid than finding pear on a tree and pulling little carrots out from earth.


Garden Vegetables

Garden vegetables from out little garden. I’m sure it’s part beginner’s luck and part the climate around here, but I’m impressed!


Little baby cantaloupe. It’s not really my favorite fruit (it’s probably technically not fruit is it?) but I just wanted to watch it grow — how cute is this little thing??


Hot Summer Days

First of the tomatoes from the garden.


The veggies in the garden bed grew so big, I don’t even know what to do with it. I guess I over crowded it a little?

gardengrows (1)

Roses are always a treat! Kids say it smells like raspberries, and it actually kinda does.pinkrose (1)

Moss Garden

When Todd and I were having a “lazy work day” (in which we pretend to be relaxing while we actually get a lot done, surely you know what I mean!?). I suddenly got it in my head that I totally want to plant some moss in our garden. I’ve always loved mossy garden, but I never really thought it’s something that can be “planted”. After some googling around, I found that you can in fact “plant” moss. I found some resources regarding how this is done and even some suppliers (not that I was planning on committing to buying anything). And then it occurred to me, that there’s moss everywhere around us (I keep telling you, I love Portland!)! So I scooped up a trowel full of moss by our front door and brought it into our balcony.

It would be lovely to have an entire garden full of mossy growth (I’d take moss for grass any day!) but since what we have at the moment is a potted garden, I made a mini moss garden in a pot, complete with fake mushroom! I pretty much ignored all the things I learned about how to transplant moss in lieu of experimentation (after all, moss grows naturally here!). If it fails, I’ll just try again. It’s been few days, and it’s still looking good.