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Stitching Up A Bunny

Ashland loves bunnies. I’m not entirely sure why. Anyhow, he calls marshmallows bunnies for some reason (because they are fluffy and white?) even though I keep correcting him that they are called “marsh-mal-low”. …And so one day, on a whim, I squished the marshmallow with my fingers into a bunny shape. And Ashland LOVED it. He was so enamored with it that he didn’t even eat it and played with it for few hours. Unfortunately, every time I offer him marshmallows now, he wants me to make all of them bunny shaped. Anyhow. I decided to stitch him up a bunny that is a bit less sticky. I just doodled up one, but no doubt it’s inspired by mishmash of things I’ve seen (Coraline, Lalaloopsy, Skeleanimals…etc. etc).


I’m glad he really liked it! (He fell a sleep with it in his band). It just occurred to me, he would totally adore bunny version of marshmallow peeps won’t he? I’ll have to get some!


Making Angry Bird Plush

I saw an Angry Bird plush at a bookstore and thought that kids would totally love it…but it was really kind of expensive considering it’s generally poor quality [not to mention, most mass produced stuffed animals kinda make me grumpy since they make me imagine people who had sewn them together — lovelessly (completely understandable considering the probable circumstance in which they were created…) — and didn’t get paid fair wage]. Besides, what’s the fun is having just ONE angry bird, I’m sure kids would want all of the set! …So I thought about stitching some up, and upon poking around internet, I found that some one else have figured out how to make it already and kindly shared it with the world! [Go HERE for her very helpful tutorial!]. I added a tail in the back, and hand-stitched the whole thing (since my machine sucks for this kind of sewing) but lookie, I made my first plush! I had everything I need to make it already (and many more!) so how wonderful is that?


Ashland loved this bird at first sight and has been taking very good care of it ever since it was finished. Immi wants a yellow bird, so I’ll get to work on that.

Purple Wrist Cuff — Finished!

I finished the wrist cuff.

I really enjoy making wrist cuffs, even thought they aren’t all that versatile as far as accessories go, being appropriate mostly just in autumn and spring (long sleeve get in the way, and it looks too hot in summer, though on second thought — it’s probably fine here in Pacific NW!). I practice various stitches on it, and learn a new trick or two (I leaned to install hooks properly though  you don’t see it in the picture). I’d love to make an entire dress but I don’t have the time, space, supply, skill or patience for it at the moment, so I’m rather content making these instead.

Making Fingerless Gloves

Todd requested more fingerless gloves (or arm warmers), which he uses [what seems like] most of the 24 hours spent at his laptop (and sometimes away from it too!) and I had the idea to make it from knit jersey fabric instead of knitting with yarn to accommodate summer weather. I don’t have the picture of this because I gave it to him the moment it was done, and it’s been in use since but seeing how quick and easy it was, I made one for immi! I made the flower hair clip while at it. It’s made from her old t-shirt that got a bit ruggedy in places.

It’s entirely hand-stitched. I have been reluctant to work with my sewing machine much because it really doesn’t stitch very well anymore (it was mostly a toy to begin with — it’s cute though, with Hello Kitty on) but I found out, browsing through vintage Japanese craft books, that I can in fact stitch stretchy fabric by hand! In stead of using running stitch (or otherwise straight ones) diagonally placed stitch is used to accommodate stretching of the fabric. I see that there’s some option for diagonal stitches, but I think that herringbone stitch works pretty well.

Hand Stitching

I asked my mom to show me basic patch working and quilting while she was here last October. We ran through all the basics then, but I hadn’t had chance to see if I can actually do this on my own. …So here’s my first try!

It’s entirely hand stitched. In fact, one of the reason why I wanted to take up small patchwork/quilt project is to improve my hand stitching skills. I think that expertly done hand stitching is far more beautiful than expertly done machine stitching. Though the catch is that mediocre hand stitching is far less acceptable than mediocre machine stitching. I have a long way to go!

Oh, and if you wondered what it is, its a coaster (or mug rug or whatever you call it!). It was the smallest item I could think of to make.

It’s made of happy colors, a contrast to sense of gloom I inevitably feel for consequences of the disastrous earthquake in Japan. I’ve chosen not to follow up on it too carefully in news (because it makes me feel depressed which is completely useless when all my friends over there are trying their best to stay positive), aside from checking in on my friends over there to see that they are doing okay. I can’t even imagine what its like to not have food in Japan — in Japan!



I saw a really really cute pouch the other day at a shop, but I wasn’t about to spend $27 for such a little thing…so I added some love to the spare pouch I already had! The label is made with a rubber stamp on fabric using multi-surface ink. I pinned on vintage key and some crochet stitch markers.

I decided to use it for organizing all the crochet/knitting/sewing/embroidering notions which have been rattling around in the bottom of my crafty-project tote.

While at it, here’s the content of my portable sewing kit. It actually has everything I need for basic sewing that I never even look inside my big sewing kit anymore.