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Making Jewelry for Kids

I made some sparkles for kids. Owl bracelet for Lucian.



Bunny bracelet for Ashland.



And feather pendant for Immi.


Hazy Purple Cuff with Lace and Coin

I’m working on a wrist cuff by the large window overlooking the ocean. I wish my studio desk had more natural light! (Our office/studio stains nice and cool during summer but it doesn’t get much light.)

Ambiguous weather at the beach is blessing us with frequent rainbows!

Making Earrings with WigJig

I made a pair of earrings! Which is something I haven’t done in a long time primarily because I don’t wear these things anymore due to little kids with grabby hands. Regardless, I really enjoy making earrings — I think I shall get back into it.

For the above pair, I couldn’t find suitable ear-wires in my stash (they all looked too  manufactured next to the steel dangly “hoops” which I made from steel wire) and in moment of enlightenment (:D) I excavated WigJig from back of my tool drawer. Seriously, it hasn’t seen day light in like 5+ years. I think that it fell out of common use in jewelry making because it tends to produce really tacky wire jewelry for most part, but I suddenly remembered that it’s still useful for making consistent jewelry components!


Making All Kinds of Things

I’ve neglected to post them, but I have been making things past few weeks . Like these crochet covered glass pebbles. I’m just sort of experimenting here with miniature motif crochet — I guess they are seeds of doily tree, if there were such a thing.

I was contemplating jewelry that would be interesting to touch, and this is what I came up with. It looks like it might be a pendant, but it’s currently a bracelet. Another thought that was on my in making this item was that I always make items that are practical for wearing and wanted to break free from this. Doing “something else” is healthy for creativity, I do think. So the key dangles down low on to the hand and jingles slightly — it’s a dramatic sort of jewelry which I would imagine would look nice with long flowing dress.

And here’s something very practical — a pacifier fob! The reason why I made this is because binkies just gets lost ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I feel like I spend at least 25% of my evening looking for them. I do know about pacifier clips, we even have some, but those aren’t very good for use at home — especially bedtime — because the clip looks uncomfortable to sleep on, and when it’s not attached to clothes, babies chew them up and they aren’t made safe for that. …So, my binky fob, is made to give it some weight to pacies (easy to find if it gets mixed in with blankets and toys), created from chew-safe material, and much more comfortable to roll over onto. Oh, and it’s orange color — it’s easy to spot.

Textile Jewelry

I had an idea to incorporate colorful antique scrap fabric (which I salvaged from our beaten up cushion covers I had been saving for crafting purpose) into vintage key pendant. …And here it is, I think that it’s inspired from crazy quilting. All the elements are sewn on (no glue!!).

Spring, Hopefully

I made a necklace which I imagined would be perfect for almost spring days that are still chilly. I’ve crochet the chain and the flower, added brassy chain, vintage buttons, key and tied a bow with scrap fabric.

It’s a bit Anthropologie-inspired, which is a description I’ve been seeing quite a lot in crafty-world lately. It’s s curious thing, how a brand becomes an adjective for a style! I’ve loved Anthropologie, ever since the first time I happen to walk into it in Boston during my undergrad years, and have thought many times I’d love to live inside their fabulously decorated retail space. At the moment though, I can’t justify their price tag (especially for their accessories!) for such a (beautiful but…) fragile items in the context of my daily life. …So here’s one I don’t mind grabbed with sticky hands or spat-up on.

Princess Bracelet

I made a princess bracelet for immi because it’s her FOURth birthday! It’s a vintage child-sized bracelet to which I’ve added a bow made from fancy trim and a red button and about 6 inch tail of seam-binding and ric-rack.

I can’t believe Immi is so grown up already.