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Vintage Key Rainbow Necklace

I was almost done with this necklace for a long while and I finally finished it up!

Here’s the detail on the clasp which was the funnest part to make!

Key to Faeryland

I made a faux moss terrarium to suspend a tiny key. It’s so small while being quite detailed that it looks like a ginormous garden gate key for faeries! I do wonder what it really opened — cabinets or writing desk?

It has dried moss (no need for water or light!) and little gemstone pebbles below that to make it look like a functioning terrarium.

The wee little key is only about one inch long!

Todd found it for me, along with all these ones. Lucky lucky me!

Making All Kinds of Things

I’ve neglected to post them, but I have been making things past few weeks . Like these crochet covered glass pebbles. I’m just sort of experimenting here with miniature motif crochet — I guess they are seeds of doily tree, if there were such a thing.

I was contemplating jewelry that would be interesting to touch, and this is what I came up with. It looks like it might be a pendant, but it’s currently a bracelet. Another thought that was on my in making this item was that I always make items that are practical for wearing and wanted to break free from this. Doing “something else” is healthy for creativity, I do think. So the key dangles down low on to the hand and jingles slightly — it’s a dramatic sort of jewelry which I would imagine would look nice with long flowing dress.

And here’s something very practical — a pacifier fob! The reason why I made this is because binkies just gets lost ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I feel like I spend at least 25% of my evening looking for them. I do know about pacifier clips, we even have some, but those aren’t very good for use at home — especially bedtime — because the clip looks uncomfortable to sleep on, and when it’s not attached to clothes, babies chew them up and they aren’t made safe for that. …So, my binky fob, is made to give it some weight to pacies (easy to find if it gets mixed in with blankets and toys), created from chew-safe material, and much more comfortable to roll over onto. Oh, and it’s orange color — it’s easy to spot.

Textile Jewelry

I had an idea to incorporate colorful antique scrap fabric (which I salvaged from our beaten up cushion covers I had been saving for crafting purpose) into vintage key pendant. …And here it is, I think that it’s inspired from crazy quilting. All the elements are sewn on (no glue!!).


I made this bracelet (vintage key and buttons, chain and just the bar portion of a toggle clasp)…

…because Todd found for me all these keys!

Recycle Crafting

I really enjoy crafting with reclaimed, thrifted or otherwise vintage materials. It’s not just environmental or economical (though these things are definitely important to me as well) — I honestly enjoy that all the different parts to be assembled each have history of sorts.

I added some sparkle to the totally fabulous purse I thrifted for $3!! It looks like who ever owned this bag never really used it — lucky me (Todd and I believe that we have good thrifting karma because we donate regularly).

The key is vintage (I have no idea where it’s originally from or how old…). The silk textile was my grandmother’s that my mom saved for me to make something with — I’ve sewn the sides, frayed the bottom, and punched a hole to add an eyelet. The brass disc was part of my sister’s earring which I’ve hammered flat from a dome shape. The black bead is from mom’s necklace, and I can’t remember where the moonstone bead came from…maybe I actually bought this one at a bead store some time ago. I’ll probably change out the ball chain to something more suitable as soon as I find it.