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Spindle Spinning

I’ve been spinning some yarn lately.





Magnificent Clouds

Just an ordinary trip to the grocery store is rather extraordinary with such magnificent clouds in the sky.



Also, I started a knitting project. A simple, functional sort of scarf — I actually need one.


Black and White

My progress in craft projects has been slow lately due to sporadic but more frequent perfect weather and general preoccupation with other random things. But I did have a sudden revelation that I can quite easily make “vertical” knitted stripes using stranded knitting (like fair isle knitting, though I don’t want to offend such intricate art with such a simple geometry as two tone stripe!) technique. …So I’ve started working on the arm warmer in 100% cotton yarn. I’ve had these yarn for a while wanting to make some kind of black/white stripes but couldn’t make the horizontal stripes to look right and I kept frogging it — I do think that vertical stripes look much better for this yarn!

Crafting Serendipitously

When I saw the cute little brass candle holder for $0.99 while thrifting, I immediately wanted to make it into a pin cushion. It had been sitting on my desk when I noticed that the base screws off, which I thought was such an opportunity to thread something onto it. I found 2 hex nuts that fit, which wanted to be covered with crochet with vintage crochet thread I happen to acquire recently. And few more random inspirations and serendipitous happenings later, I ended up with this strange little pin cushion. The cushion portion is needle felted wool. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I suppose it’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

I’m wanting a knitting project, since I haven’t been knitting much lately. I found this rainbow color yarn and immediately thought of Immi and her Carebears. I’m knitting some test patches to see what I want to make with it. I never make swatches but this yarn is a bit weird — it’s a single spun 100% synthetic fiber (I guess cute cheap yarn gets me poor quality…), and also I need to figure out how big each color stripe would be.


Fuzzy Gloves

I finished the fingerless gloves! They worked up really quickly due to the yarn being very thick.

The cute little owl is just a photo prop since I thought that the gloves were  plain looking. He is quite heavy for his small size being solid brass. I found him on my first date with Lucian shortly after he was born (Todd and I were working at a cafe with big kids at home with their grandmom, Lucian grumbled a bit so I walked around with him in the sling to put him back to sleep). I’m nostalgic for that time already when he was still small[-ish] (such a silly thing, since that was less than 3 months ago!). It hurts my back just thinking about carrying him around in a sling now since he’s gotten so big so fast!

Oh and I’m modeling the gloves in the photo, but it does fit Todd’s hands — we actually have similarly sized hands (and besides, these things are stretchy).

Cloudy Sunday Knitting

Having some tea and knitting arm warmers (or fingerless gloves, whichever way you call it). These ones are for Todd, he wears arm warmers everyday not for warmth but for making his wrists more comfortable when he is using laptop. The white stitches are temporally — I’m going to see if I can figure out how to make thumb holes in them shortly.

A photo like this one is somewhat deceptive, isn’t it? It looks like I’m hanging out in this moment for a long long time but in reality, it lasts only a short while.  Besides, it looks quiet but in actuality, Lucian is hiccuping in the swing next to me very loudly.

Yarn Cozies

I made this “yarn cozy” last week. Yarn cozy might sound like a silly idea but it’s one of those items I dreamed up to fix yarn related inconvenience a few years ago and I’ve since been using them (this is the third one I’ve made, the previous two are a lot more utilitarian in design). It basically prevents the center-pull ball of yarn from loosing shape and thus getting tangled (as yarn depletes from the center) and keeps the outside of the ball of yarn (gets used up last, which means they remain exposed until the project is done) from getting mangled while I’m working on the project.

On the needle is immi’s scarf. I got this super fuzzy yarn in fun color at Yarn Garden for 75% off (they are having a huge sale now)!

I had a check-up appointment and glucose test this week with my OB. Baby seems to be doing well, and glucose test result came back normal, but I found out that I’m very very anemic (I wasn’t at the beginning of the pregnancy). Now that I’m told, I think that I should have known — I’ve had nearly all the symptoms for past few months (fatigue, migraine, dizziness…I haven’t developed pica though), and they’ve gotten progressively worse this past month to a point I’m completely exhausted and dizzy all the time.  So I’m really glad that it’s a simple problem that will hopefully go away soon with lots of iron supplement and diet because I was beginning to wonder if I were just the biggest complainer of ordinary pregnancy symptoms.

Sheep, Fiber and Yarn

One of the vintage toys we received in the mail from Immi & Ashland’s grandparents is a little sheep from the Fisher-Price Family Farm set. It’s a strange thing how knitting/crocheting has ultimately made me appreciate sheep as unique and wonderful creatures!

Here’s a close-up. I’m guessing this sheep is about 30 years old.

…And just for fun, here’s a modern sheep toy:

Granted, these two sheep appear to be of different breeds (the first one is a domestic sheep? and second one merino maybe?) its amusing to me how so different they are!

And as long as I’m posting pictures of plastic sheep, here’s some totally lovely fiber I got for spinning:

It’s very soft and fluffy:

And I’m trying to make something with the yarn I finally finished spinning. I guess it’ll be a light scarf since I only have 2 ounce.


I’ve been exploring (by trial and error) improvised style of lace knitting to produce random ‘pattern’. I love the ethereal look of lace but traditional/classic pattern just isn’t my style nor do I enjoy following complicated predetermined pattern…so I’m experimenting. I’m hoping to produce an ‘organic’ look. Here’s a little swatch made from recombinations of ssk, k, k2tog and yo (which is about as basic as lace knitting gets!). At this point, as Todd pointed out, my crafting is starting to resemble my computer music compositions!

And then when I was outside, I found this strange little patch of spider web. This is exactly the kind of stuff I want to knit!

Speaking of knitting inspirations, I’ve been watching Fraggle Rock with Immi and Ashland and there’s so much knitting in it! There’s even a knitting song in the episode called The Great Radish Famine. And Mokey (one of the main characters) is a knitter! Not to mention, many of the puppets are wearing hand-knitted looking garments — it makes me want to knit something colorful and whimsical. Too bad it’s summer!

I finished re-doing the pink scarf. I think that I do like it better knitted than crocheted.

Less Than Perfect…

…But still good enough.

My afternoon in which I’m pretending to relax with the *WORST* cup of coffee I’ve ever had (no, not the local shop, you know that place whose name start with *S*. I usually don’t have too much bad thing to say about their coffee, but they really messed up this one. I even took it back and had it done again which is something I almost never do…and the 2nd drink came even worse!) and trying to knit. It’s not all that relaxing because immi is hovering about, and Ashland is about to complain that he finished his donut already. I still enjoy coffee time out though, especially on a nice day like this.

…And here’s my lunch. I was too tired to make anything fancy, so hot dog it is. I rarely eat these things even though we keep stock of them all the time for immi who hardly ever eats any other kind of protein type foods. And it’s on a regular slice of bread, not even a hot dog bun. And sweet onions are chopped really sloppily (you might think that onions on a hot dog is weird, but I like it! It’s my fresh version of relish which I don’t like, or sauerkraut which I never have around). At least the ketchup is organic, and the mustard is locally made smoky garlic mustard which is completely delicious.