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Forest with a Bridge

We went out for a little hike. Morning rain made fresh afternoon air.





Moss Garden

When Todd and I were having a “lazy work day” (in which we pretend to be relaxing while we actually get a lot done, surely you know what I mean!?). I suddenly got it in my head that I totally want to plant some moss in our garden. I’ve always loved mossy garden, but I never really thought it’s something that can be “planted”. After some googling around, I found that you can in fact “plant” moss. I found some resources regarding how this is done and even some suppliers (not that I was planning on committing to buying anything). And then it occurred to me, that there’s moss everywhere around us (I keep telling you, I love Portland!)! So I scooped up a trowel full of moss by our front door and brought it into our balcony.

It would be lovely to have an entire garden full of mossy growth (I’d take moss for grass any day!) but since what we have at the moment is a potted garden, I made a mini moss garden in a pot, complete with fake mushroom! I pretty much ignored all the things I learned about how to transplant moss in lieu of experimentation (after all, moss grows naturally here!). If it fails, I’ll just try again. It’s been few days, and it’s still looking good.


I noticed this morning that there’s mushrooms growing in our rosemary pot! They are of course uninvited guests…but so cute, aren’t they?