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Our baby No.3 is here! We named him Lucian. He is a Scorpio. 7lb15oz.

We can tell already that he is a very unique person. He’s a bit mysterious — I can’t quite describe him one way or the other (personality or appearance) — and I’m looking forward to getting to know him over a lifetime. He is instantly lovable though. He has the cutest little hiccups (he sounds like a squeek toy).

Birthing of Lucian was peaceful — the loveliest kind of quietness surrounded me. And the moment he was born, I felt my world brighten.

28 weeks

Today, I’m exactly 28 weeks along which marks the first day of 3rd trimester and 12 more weeks to go until the due date. That said, no medical effort will be made to stop the labor if it starts at 36 weeks (usually), so really anytime after 8 more weeks is a fair game. Where did time go? 9 months of pregnancy feels shorter with each successive ones.

The first time around, I knew exactly how far along we were all the time — I’ve hardly taken note of it this time. It doesn’t make the baby No.3 any less special though. We already know that this little guy will be completely different from Immi or Ashland. He feels happiest to me when I’m being creative and seems empathetic when I’m feeling less than spectacular. He moves around gently all the time (Ashland hurt often — there were lots of kicks, jabs and even tugging…is that even possible? And immi hardly ever moved.) and immediately responds to touch.

It’s hard for me to imagine what it would be like with 3 kids, but I know that it will soon be as if we’d always had all of them. One thing I know is that around this time next year when I make double portion of pancakes, I won’t have leftovers (I started doubling up the portion recently because one batch is too small) and that when I make annie’s mac&cheese, I’d have to make 2 boxes and not 1.

We Are Having…

A boy! I was wrong (once again!) in guessing girl.

The baby NO.3 was very cooperative during the sonogram appointment and all the necessary measurements were gotten swiftly, his gender determined easily, and he even posed for us for 3D scan portrait! Here’s what he looks like now. Some how I think that he doesn’t look much like Immi or Ashland.

I was looking forward to sewing/knitting girly frilly pink baby things…but I guess I don’t get to do that! I’m glad he’s a boy though — I think that it all makes sense and I couldn’t have planned it better. Here are some reasons why I think it perfect:

1. Immi will remain the *only* princess in the house (which will definitely suit her personality). 2. Ashland and No.3 will be close together in age, so hopefully they will be best friends! 3. Whatever clothing item that survives Ashland’s abuse (there won’t be much…) can go straight to his little brother. And it won’t be long before same toys will be “age appropriate” for both of them. 4. Boys are (more boring but…) easier to dress. They seem to only need shirts and pants and most boy-colors mix-match well.


I haven’t mentioned anything regarding our baby No.3 much lately since… well, it’s been uneventful (it’s a good thing!). I do develop connection with our babies and even get some insights into their personalities during the course of the pregnancy, but I don’t have much to say about them in words — I’ve never been much of a poet!

I’ve been going to regular check-ups and have taken all the standard tests and so far so good. We have a sonogram appointment in about 10 days at which we’ll find out if we are having a boy or a girl (…not that this is the main reason for the sonogram, but it’s really the only fun part!). I’m trying very hard to not get paranoid about this appointment since this is the point at which we were given false alarm with Ashland. I know that it was nothing more than a false alarm, but still, memory of months worth of stress is real and it doesn’t go away all that easily!

I’ve been feeling quite well in general but I’m still a bit tired and too much walking around or standing does give me really bad cramps which has definitely increased my knitting time. That, and knitting helps me de-stress and feel more balanced. The funny thing is that before immi was born, I got the impression that she was happiest when her daddy was talking to her or near her. As for Ashland, he was definitely happiest when I ate. Our little No.3 seems happiest when I’m knitting — it’s when s/he moves around the most and our connection feels the strongest.

My mom keeps asking me if I’ve gotten a lot bigger. I suppose it’s a fair question considering she hardly ever see photos of me. In early weeks, I got bigger a lot faster than I did in the first 2 pregnancies (which had me worried that I was having a twin!) but after that, I didn’t get all that much bigger (I think that I’ve remained smaller than I did with Ashland, though definitely bigger than Immi). At one point, I felt like my belly even shrunk — this baby seems to be sitting all tucked in. Lately though, I’ve suddenly gotten bigger, and I probably do look visibly pregnant though I have yet to be asked by strangers “when are you due?”.

Q and A

I’ve gotten some questions regarding baby No.3 from friends and I thought I’d just answer them here for my own record and to help you procrastinate if you have a moment to spare!

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I’m feeling Ok. I felt impossibly tired during the first trimester, and queasy a lot of the time (nothing horrible like the nausea I had with immi). Generally I feel pretty good during the day, and worse in the evening. But these symptoms have gotten much much better over past few weeks. Aside from these, I get heartburn, back pain, occasional migraine, cramps (which I’m told is normal for subsequent pregnancies, I had it with Ashland and I’m starting to get it now), dizziness, and sense of confusion (like the ones you might get when you take cold medicine). Todd claims that I have mood swings (I have no idea what he’s talking about :D). I try not to complain about pregnancy symptoms at loud because I know that there are many people who suffer from actual illness or would give anything to have a chance to experience pregnancy — it just feels ungrateful for me to complain about something perfectly heathy.

Q: Any cravings?

A: I seem to develop aversion to food more than cravings during pregnancies. I haven’t been able to drink that much coffee/tea (which is really sad!) — it just doesn’t sound all that appetizing to me now. I don’t want much ice cream either. I also don’t want mushrooms or sun-dried tomatoes or cheese that’s not melted. I don’t really have any specific cravings, although Chicken Tikka Masala sounded like a good idea a few times when nothing else seemed appetizing.

Q: What do  you think about age differences between Immi & Ashland (about 2.5 years apart) and Ashland & baby No.3 (will be about 16 months apart) who will be closer together in age?

A: Of course we are happy for exactly the way it turned out, but we had meant to have Immi and No.2 closer together in age — it just didn’t work out that way for various reasons. Immi loves Ashland but she treats him like a “baby” which is what she thinks he is. Immi likes to help me take care of Ashland, but she isn’t interested in actually playing with him. Ashland on the other hand really wants to play with immi but she is really too independent at this point. We are hoping that having a younger sibling (closer to his age) will get him the playmate he wants.

Q: How many kids will you have?

A: I’ve heard people say that you will know when your family is complete. I guess I can go along with this saying. When we were having Ashland, we though we might be done with 2 (after all, 2 is a really practical number of kids) but somehow it didn’t really seem right (for one, practicality doesn’t exactly sum up our personalities!). We are quite sure that 3 sounds like a good number though. Anyway, we had imagined that we’d have two girls (it’s not that we wished for two girls, we just assumed that’s what we were getting) but we ended up with a girl and a boy…so what the heck, we need a tie breaker don’t you think?

Q: There’s population problem in the world already, why have more kids at all?

A: When I was a teenager, I actually thought that when it came time for me to have kids, I’d definitely consider adoption. But you know, I think that I was naive. Most practically, in today’s world, adoption is actually a really difficult process (both time & cost). I also think that going through pregnancy and birthing is one of the most beautiful experience in life. Todd and I agree that while we loved our wedding, Immi’s birthday was definitely more special in many ways. And lastly, I believe that our world is in very sad state right now (environmentally, economically, spiritually) and we need new kind of leaders. It’s not my aspiration to raise politicians at all, but I hope that our kids — who were very much wanted from the moment of conception, and are loved exactly for what they are and what they aren’t — will grow up to be creative persons who will have positive impact in our world.

What can I say, we are doing our part in Keeping Porland Weird, and even better…making it weirder by +1!

And since that was lot of text, here’s a photo of very happy Immi & Ashland.


We are very happy to announce that we are expecting baby No.3 due on November 26! We couldn’t just have almost exactly 2.1 kids like the perfect *american* family now could we? I’m currently 14 weeks along today and we don’t know yet if it’s a boy or girl. We are guessing girl, but we’ve been wrong once before. Of course it doesn’t matter to us which — at this point it makes little difference. Here’s the sonogram at 12 weeks.

And here’s a much more interesting sonogram at the initial appointment at 9 weeks. The doctor got an amazing resolution and we saw the baby wiggling his/her legs and arms about. We were even able to make out the little nose (it’s still tiny but I got the impression that it looks kinda like immi’s and ashland’s). The doctor said that the circular thing on the bottom of the baby is not part of the baby but it’s an egg. This statement really confused me — I though that the egg turns *into* the little person kinda like the chick developing *inside* the egg yolk [in non-technical terms…] in a chicken egg?

I’ve already felt the baby move around a few days ago when I had a lot of chocolate and were laying down sideways in the evening.