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A Place We’ve Never Been To

There is this little creek that we always pass by and never stop by. Well, we were determined to check it out today! It was actually far more beautiful and expected.



I see that autumn is definitely here — make me a little sad. Which makes me wonder it is is no longer my favorite season…


Forest with a Bridge

We went out for a little hike. Morning rain made fresh afternoon air.





Spring Colors

Spring has always been my least favorite of seasons but I have been making effort to take short walks on regular basis lately and have come to appreciate the season’s ephemeralness of vibrant colors in nature and warmer tint of sunlight.






Magnolia Tree

Huge magnolia tree in the neighborhood. I never noticed how beautiful magnolia trees were until just a few years ago when I suddenly found myself in awe of their magnificence.



February Sunshine

We’ve had ridiculously splendid weather here this ‘winter’ and I’ve been watching out for an extra nice day we can take some time off to go to the coast. And there it was, blue sky 70F day on the beach. Some people were wearing jackets (surely unable to believe how warm it actually was) and others were in bathing suit swimming in the ocean (brave souls, I’m certain the water was cold).






Rain Clouds

A break in the cloud over farmland.


Drizzling rain cloud over the lake filtering sunshine into silvery light.


I Heart Oregon

Sky. Trees. Golden field. So beautiful here.



Dusk At Cannon Beach

We were just at the beach 8 days ago or so but Todd  was weary of having sat in front of computer for extended length of time this week and suggested we have a ‘business meeting’ while driving out to the coast. I hesitated (because I’m too practical sometimes) but agreed. I knew it would be chillier than it was last week and it was, but there was a perk: a glorious evening sky!

Is it just my silly superstition that sky is prettier in cooler weather or is there a scientific reason supporting my belief??  Actually, the colors were even more saturated and beautiful about a minute or two before I got these photos. Regardless, kids were delighted to see the “rainbow beach”.


Washington County Fair

We have had amazing summer weather this week and Saturday didn’t disappoint — what a beautifully perfect day for fun at the fair!

I really dislike crowded places and avoid it best I can, but I braved it. As it turns out, there was absolutely no parking issues nor there a line for the rides!

A really cute candy and fast foods stand. I don’t imagine they have anything wholesome here, but I suppose that is not the point.

The ferris wheel — this one is vintage looking and adorable.