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I never actually enjoyed playing with dolls as a child but…these ball-jointed dolls are very posable and is quite amusing!


Cute Dinosaur

…is what Ashland calls this thing.

It’s hardly cute, really. And to be honest, I hesitated to get this thing because I wondered if kids would be too scared. As it turns out, it’s the favorite for both Ashland and Lucian (he calls it “di-do-dores!!!”) and they fight over it often.

Crafty Images

Some everyday crafting moments captured with iPhone.









I made this bracelet (vintage key and buttons, chain and just the bar portion of a toggle clasp)…

…because Todd found for me all these keys!

Instant Collage

Todd was telling me about HDR imaging technology that’s getting more commonly featured on digital cameras and I suddently remembered reading about multiple exposure (…from what I can vaguely gather, multiple exposure might be one element of HDR technology but not all of it) setting on my camera in the user’s manual. And I thought to have fun with it for few moments.

…But I don’t own a tripod (I want one!) which means that I can’t make use of this multi-exposure thing in the manner that it’s generally intended. So, I tried layering obviously different images (instead of exact same ones exposed differently). It’s nothing you can’t do with several regular images in photoshop or some such software but I do enjoy instant fun sometimes!

Here’s one made from three exposures of different parts of my work-in-progress wrist cuff:

And here’s for a more subtle effect — composite of a spool of thread on the table with the back of the vintage hand mirror (which I got for $0.50!!):

And inside of the mechanical clock in the dimly lit (with blue light) room (aka our office/studio at night):