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Lately…(in photos)

Lots on my mind lately which seems to make me wordless. Anyhow, not for lack of doing things that helps me keep my sanity!










Stitching Up A Bunny

Ashland loves bunnies. I’m not entirely sure why. Anyhow, he calls marshmallows bunnies for some reason (because they are fluffy and white?) even though I keep correcting him that they are called “marsh-mal-low”. …And so one day, on a whim, I squished the marshmallow with my fingers into a bunny shape. And Ashland LOVED it. He was so enamored with it that he didn’t even eat it and played with it for few hours. Unfortunately, every time I offer him marshmallows now, he wants me to make all of them bunny shaped. Anyhow. I decided to stitch him up a bunny that is a bit less sticky. I just doodled up one, but no doubt it’s inspired by mishmash of things I’ve seen (Coraline, Lalaloopsy, Skeleanimals…etc. etc).


I’m glad he really liked it! (He fell a sleep with it in his band). It just occurred to me, he would totally adore bunny version of marshmallow peeps won’t he? I’ll have to get some!


Yellow Angry Birds

So I hurt my back 2 days ago. I woke up, got up and suddenly I had sever pain left side of my lower back. I think it’s called “gikkuri goshi” in Japanese, which has no real translation into English other than “strained back”. When I say “pain” I mean it’s not the kind you can really work through. Blegh. So I sat around leaning on lots of pillows with heat pack for 2 days. I think it might be getting better, but it’s hard to say. It really sucks for Todd (been working from the living room while trying to keep up with everything I usually do at the same time!) and probably for kids too. But I suppose it’s not the worst I’ve been through since as long as I don’t move, the pain isn’t so bad, and it’s not like I feel ill.

Anyhow, since I’m useless anyhow, I stitched up this yellow angry bird for the kids.

Making Angry Bird Plush

I saw an Angry Bird plush at a bookstore and thought that kids would totally love it…but it was really kind of expensive considering it’s generally poor quality [not to mention, most mass produced stuffed animals kinda make me grumpy since they make me imagine people who had sewn them together — lovelessly (completely understandable considering the probable circumstance in which they were created…) — and didn’t get paid fair wage]. Besides, what’s the fun is having just ONE angry bird, I’m sure kids would want all of the set! …So I thought about stitching some up, and upon poking around internet, I found that some one else have figured out how to make it already and kindly shared it with the world! [Go HERE for her very helpful tutorial!]. I added a tail in the back, and hand-stitched the whole thing (since my machine sucks for this kind of sewing) but lookie, I made my first plush! I had everything I need to make it already (and many more!) so how wonderful is that?


Ashland loved this bird at first sight and has been taking very good care of it ever since it was finished. Immi wants a yellow bird, so I’ll get to work on that.