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Baby Crafting

I’m glad to say, baby No.3 decided to stay in a bit longer and we were very happy to finally welcome Karen today who flew in from VA to help us out for a week. In an attempt to slow things down, I’ve mostly sat around for the entire week and kept myself mentally busy with non-baby things (I read on internet — where else? 😀 — that it can slow down labor, I also read about glass of wine doing same thing…but didn’t try this one since I didn’t want to end up at a birthing center drunk!). Perhaps my attempt worked a bit too well since there’s been no measurable progress since last Friday, and honestly nothing feels particularly imminent anymore like it did earlier in the week.

We’ve finished a few things we needed to, and started a few things we wanted to (what can I say, we are always up to something!) and basically more or less ready to meet out little guy. Whatever else we haven’t finished or haven’t bought…well, I’m sure we can figure it out after he is born. I haven’t had much chance to craft for Mr. No.3 much, but I did stitch up a few onesies and make some over-sized swaddling blankets. These flannel cotton blankets are the most useful thing I make (even though it’s just a hemmed square piece of fabric) — they are big enough to swaddle babies tightly (unlike standard sized ones which just unravels, and I do like them a lot better than various swaddling contraptions available on the market today), and when they don’t need/want to be swaddled anymore, they make great bath towels (Ashland still uses his) or stroller blanket.

Multnomah Falls

It was such a gorgeous day out yesterday that we took an impromptu trip to Multnomah Falls.

We took a super mini hike just up onto the famous bridge (0.2 miles).

There was an odd looking bird (s/he is really quite big!) as we got out of the forest area.

On a completely separate note, I’m 37 weeks today — which means I’m officially full term (though we still got 3 weeks left till the due date). At the prenatal appointment we found out I’m 4 cm along, which made me nervous (had I known, I might have not gone hiking, not even 0.2 miles!) because we have absolutely no arrangement for babysitting (for Immi and Ashland) for another 10 days should the baby decide to make his appearance early. I know that whatever happens will happen no matter what I do, but I’m planning on doing a lot of sitting around over the next 10 days in an attempt to slow things down a bit!

Week 35

Firstly, can I just say I’m so glad to have my computer in working order? Pretty much immediately after I got everything working on it (thanks to Todd who went down the list and did everything for me knowing that I’d put it off forever) Immi bumped into my cup of tea which splashed onto the keyboard. …And unfortunately, it did do some quite serious damage. But the Apple store people were so very nice and fixed it for me free of charge (Out of sympathy I suppose! I mean this thing is literally BRAND NEW!) despite that accidental damage like this isn’t covered under warranty.

Anyhow, we had a prenatal appointment today, I’m 35 weeks along today. The baby No.3 is moving around healthily and has very good heartbeat which Immi seems to really enjoy listening to. According to the cervical exam, I’m already 2 cm along and the doctor said that the baby is sitting really really low. Now this isn’t exactly a problem, medically speaking. But we are totally not ready to have him yet, so hopefully he’ll choose to stay in for a while longer. I just might have to spend larger portion of my day sitting around, I get sensations that the baby wants to fall out of me when I walk around.

My mom who had  been visiting us from Japan left yesterday, and I miss having her around already — thank you for coming! She helped us improve many things during her short stay. One notable thing I’m really excited about being bath towels. We never minded that our towels don’t match, but we’ve been really unhappy about it taking 160 minutes or so to dry in the dryer and that we can’t really ever re-use them since they don’t dry in between use. Actually I would have never thought to try anything different to solve this annoyance if it weren’t for that she mentioned towels in Japan dry much better. So after some considerations, she got us these really thin but very absorbent and totally luxurious Turkish bath towels. We’ve tried them out already, and they are lovely to use (and to look at!) and take less than 15 minutes in the dryer. Not to mention, it’ll save us a lot of room in the closet and in electricity bill.


I found a piece autumn at the park:

Some of the misc. things going on around here:

I. Immi, Ashland and I caught a cold. Ashland had to take baby [not] tylenol (apparently this brand got recalled, but not it’s generic versions) for fever for the first time EVER. We sat around and watched movies all day immi absolutely adored Ponyo.

2. We are battling health insurance company, again. I suppose that’s quite normal thing for people living in US. Agh. Grrrrr. Blegh.

3. I’ve organized my work-in-progress projects, putting away some I’m not in the mood for now, and terminating ones I have no interest in continuing on. I decided that I’m too preoccupied for anything that takes a lot of fussing over, so I lined up a few mindless projects for when I want to keep my hands busy.

4. We haven’t bought anything for the baby No.3 yet. The shopping list is really really short this time around but we do need to look for a new infant car seat. And some onsies (Ashland destroyed his). I have to eventually go shopping for some fabric for making extra large receiving blankets (standard sized ones are too small for swaddling. Besides, cotton flannel makes good baby bath towels too — Ashland still uses them for this purpose).

5. The iron supplements I’ve started taking and vitamins which I’m now taking religiously are definitely helping with excessive tiredness and dizziness, but these things make me queasy on empty stomach. …Which makes me eat all day when I’m not even hungry. I think that this is definitely making me fatter than necessary!

6. I’ve been consuming copious amounts of Altoids because minty things make me feel better. Immi has picked up this habit it seems, and she’ll demand one every time she hears me open the tin. You’d think it’s to minty for a three year old. I found recently that Ashland eats leafy greens with balsamic vinaigrette. What they eat and what they don’t has been continuous source of amusement to me.

7. Immi and Ashland has both been good siblings to their new little brother-to-be. Immi points at my belly and says “baby!” and then gives it kisses. Ashland loves to hang out leaning on my belly and pets it often. He also puts his ear on it like he’s listening into what’s inside —  I often wonder what he hears.

8. Todd and I both forgot about our wedding anniversary in August. And then when we eventually remembered, we thought we should do something fun, but we still haven’t managed to make time for this. Neither of us are all that into doing much for holidays or anniversaries anyways. But what we do celebrate is Saturdays, which we have decided is *our* day for all of us to do something fun. We take celebrating Saturdays very seriously.

9. I had a prenatal check-up today. When my doctor and I were talking about labor/delivery etc. pertaining to this one being the 3rd, I told her that the only thing I’m really worried about is having the baby fall out of me while getting logistics settled (since it’s really not all about *me* at this  point, I have Immi and Ashland to consider). The doctor told me that if this does happen, I can just hop over to the hospital with the new baby. She totally made that sound really easy. Anyhow, I’m glad that the hospital is only 10 minutes away.

Yarn Cozies

I made this “yarn cozy” last week. Yarn cozy might sound like a silly idea but it’s one of those items I dreamed up to fix yarn related inconvenience a few years ago and I’ve since been using them (this is the third one I’ve made, the previous two are a lot more utilitarian in design). It basically prevents the center-pull ball of yarn from loosing shape and thus getting tangled (as yarn depletes from the center) and keeps the outside of the ball of yarn (gets used up last, which means they remain exposed until the project is done) from getting mangled while I’m working on the project.

On the needle is immi’s scarf. I got this super fuzzy yarn in fun color at Yarn Garden for 75% off (they are having a huge sale now)!

I had a check-up appointment and glucose test this week with my OB. Baby seems to be doing well, and glucose test result came back normal, but I found out that I’m very very anemic (I wasn’t at the beginning of the pregnancy). Now that I’m told, I think that I should have known — I’ve had nearly all the symptoms for past few months (fatigue, migraine, dizziness…I haven’t developed pica though), and they’ve gotten progressively worse this past month to a point I’m completely exhausted and dizzy all the time.  So I’m really glad that it’s a simple problem that will hopefully go away soon with lots of iron supplement and diet because I was beginning to wonder if I were just the biggest complainer of ordinary pregnancy symptoms.

28 weeks

Today, I’m exactly 28 weeks along which marks the first day of 3rd trimester and 12 more weeks to go until the due date. That said, no medical effort will be made to stop the labor if it starts at 36 weeks (usually), so really anytime after 8 more weeks is a fair game. Where did time go? 9 months of pregnancy feels shorter with each successive ones.

The first time around, I knew exactly how far along we were all the time — I’ve hardly taken note of it this time. It doesn’t make the baby No.3 any less special though. We already know that this little guy will be completely different from Immi or Ashland. He feels happiest to me when I’m being creative and seems empathetic when I’m feeling less than spectacular. He moves around gently all the time (Ashland hurt often — there were lots of kicks, jabs and even tugging…is that even possible? And immi hardly ever moved.) and immediately responds to touch.

It’s hard for me to imagine what it would be like with 3 kids, but I know that it will soon be as if we’d always had all of them. One thing I know is that around this time next year when I make double portion of pancakes, I won’t have leftovers (I started doubling up the portion recently because one batch is too small) and that when I make annie’s mac&cheese, I’d have to make 2 boxes and not 1.