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Hot Summer Days

First of the tomatoes from the garden.


The veggies in the garden bed grew so big, I don’t even know what to do with it. I guess I over crowded it a little?

gardengrows (1)

Roses are always a treat! Kids say it smells like raspberries, and it actually kinda does.pinkrose (1)

Things That Grow








Everything looks and smells so fresh in early summer light.

Rose for the Princess

The first of the roses bloomed in the front side yard. It matches Immi’s princess dress (she wears this all the time except when it’s being washed) exactly.




I had thought that our tomato wasn’t doing too well, but it seems to have revived with nicer weather and starting to fruit!

…And our rose bush is blooming for the second time this summer! We have one flower currently in bloom and 3 more buds.


The roses are blooming in our garden! Apparently one of Portland’s numerous nicknames is “City of Roses”. And for a good reason — there are roses blooming every where, even in neglected sidewalks.

Such a happy color rose, but it still manages to look a bit melancholic under the grey sky.

These roses smell very very nice and have fluffy petals!


It looks like the rose bush in our garden is about to bloom! We weren’t sure if it would survive as a potted plant, but so far so good. It’s a variety called Dream Come True.