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Friday Adventure

Things have been really hectic here and we wanted to make it up to the kids by having an ordinary sort of mini-adventures we used to have on weekends. We hung out in St. Johns for a little while, walking around the town.


…And found a cute bakery. (Photo credit for this one of the kids go to Todd!)


…And then drove through Sauvie Island in the evening.


When we got home, kids enjoyed the cute little $1 cupcakes we found at the bakery.


Farm Fresh

I wanted to make some pickles and sauerkraut etc. so naturally, we went to the farm for ingredients. This one is for kimchi.


We got some blueberries as well.


Lucian found dandelion.


Pretty purple flowers.


Blueberries and Raspberries

Amazing summer day was spent berry picking!


Blueberries and raspberries were in season.


Beautiful little jewels!


Immi loves flowers as inedible as they are.


The fruit of kid’s labor minus what they already ate, which is a whole lot.


Pumpkins and the Princess

Monday is such a silly day for Halloween so we celebrated it on Saturday. Serendipitously, we were blessed with beautiful weather! We had no real plans for the day, but since we got up and about too late to go to the market, we headed out to Sauvie Island to seek out a pumpkin patch. There are many pumpkin patches here, we drove passed by two really big ones when we found this most beautiful one ever.

Immi loves pumpkins, I have no idea why, but she really does. I didn’t make her princess dress, but I did whip up her tiara to match the wand I made for Immi some time ago. I almost contemplated buying a mass produced made in china plastic and probably toxic crap of a toy tiara but made this instead. My goal (aside from refusing to pay for worthless item, keeping one more item out of landfill etc. etc.) was for durability and comfort. I doodled the design, glittered a fabric using non-toxic water resistant glue, stitched it onto wool felt,  added elastic band and attached a salvaged heart-shaped red rhinestone.


Blueberry Picking

It’s a beautiful summery Saturday and we decided to go berry picking! To be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure which ones were in season at this time in Portland (strawberries were 2 weeks late in early summer) but we need no excuse to drive around the beautiful Sauvie Island so off we went. At the farm, we found blueberries!

Sauvie Island — it’s so peaceful here.

I didn’t take any pictures, but we also picked some heirloom tomatoes for $0.99 per pound! How cheap is that? Especially considering it takes almost no effort picking enough for the week.

Strawberry Season

We went to Sauvie Island because it’s now the farms are open for strawberries. I love Portland for having seasons — not just the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) but little ones like strawberry season, and raspberry season, and lavender season etc. etc. It’s so much more easier to be in touch with nature here and I think that Immi and Ashland enjoys these cyclic seasonal activities.

We got lots of pretty berries!

100% Chance of Rain

Shortly after we arrived Sauvie Island, I gasped because I saw a huge rainbow through our car window. (Todd took this photo, just so you know!)

The forecast told us “rain” so we weren’t expecting to walk around. But the weather turned out so lovely that we stopped by the creepy “country store” to buy the wildlife area parking permit…

…and decided to go for a walk. It was quite warm out actually. And not raining at all, not *here* anyways.

There are many beautiful places in Oregon, some of which we’ve been to, and many more we have yet to explore. But we really like Sauvie Island — somehow we feel more “alive” every time we are there, and come out of it feeling more grounded. Besides, it’s only 20-30 minute drive from where we live.

Just a few months ago, I wondered what my [not so little anymore] family would look like as a family of 5. It’s a strange thing how it feels like Lucian has been with us forever already.

Spontaneous excursion with unexpectedly perfect weather makes a very special Saturday!