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Rainier Days

I’m finally getting back into sewing which I seem to not have found much time for during gardening season. Todd requested more of these zipper bags and I finally sat down to make them. They are for organizing computer cables, phone chargers adapters of sorts etc that he totes around in his laptop bag.


Immi has been making dresses with anything she can get her hands on. I think that she did a nice job whip-stitching the shawl with a ribbon on the side seam.


Ashland has been spending a lot of time with legos. I adore this little robot he whipped up from spare parts.


Tiny Clothes

Stitched up some more doll clothes. I made the tiny Hello Kitty out of immi’s old Hello Kitty pattern print shirt. The doll’s head was popped off temporarily because the hair is nuisance to work with while putting the work in progress clothes on and off. I know that many parents have issues with fashion dolls due to their unnatural body shape that promote unhealthy self-image or whatever, but can I just say how ingenious the Monster High dolls’ body is from seamstress’ perspective? The body is very very oddly shaped, but all of this odd and extreme curves adds up to allowing completely flat (no need for darts anywhere) clothes to fit amazingly. Fashion doll body shape that wears easy (cheap?) to construct clothes very well — industrial design at it’s best!


Tiny Socks

Figuring out how to stitch doll socks by trial and error.



Sewing Little Doll Clothes

I wanted to support Immi’s enthusiasm for fashion by trying to stitch up some dresses for her doll. Immi requested a pink dress so pink dress I made.


I was hoping that by the time Immi has the dexterity to sew tiny things I would have learned a few thing about making tiny clothes so that I can help her. Immi also specifically asked for a key necklace to go with this dress, and I was happy to make it!


Sewing Owl

Lucian loves owls and wants owl-things every time he spots one (usually stuff not appropriate for toys like cookie jars or soap dispensers). I promised that I’d make one for him a while ago and I finally made the time to do it!



I was ever so pleased that he loved it.


Crafting for a Princess

Immi asked me for a faery wand in star shape. I was happy to make it happen:

And also a totally simple skirt made from Immi’s hello kitty flat sheet which never gets used.

Sewing A Skirt

It suddenly occurred to me that I could probably figure out how to make A-line type wrap skirt quite easily. And that I can forgo measurements and calculation if I just made the pattern off of a skirt that fit me quite well (I was wearing one!). I haven’t bothered making my own clothing much because it would require enough fabric to hurt my feelings if it failed. Anyhow, I remembered I saved a duvet cover that got ruined by leaky ink (I was tired of this color from years of use anyhow) and got to work on prototyping.

…And it fit perfectly! Too bad I didn’t make it with fabric I’d enjoy wearing 😀 But, it’s very comfortable (100% super soft cotton) and I imagine I would enjoy wearing it at home.

Lavender Dryer Sachets

The lavender from the farm dried and Immi helped me de-stem the flowers. (Ok, so there is a lot more to de-stem but it’s a good start!)

…and I made some dryer sachets! I haven’t been using dryer sheets for as long as I can remember (because it adds cost to laundry, I don’t like synthetic smells, and worst of all — it’s not good for us or for earth!) so I was happy to have come across this lavender dryer sachet idea few years back. It’s basically approximately 1/2 cup worth of lavender sewn shut in natural fabric. It doesn’t soften laundry but it does gently scent it and it’s reusable many many times.

I just have to add here that the fabric I used here is a very very nice quality heavy cotton fabric by Laura Ashley. It retails for about $20 per yard, and I got about 13 yards of it — for FREE — at a garage sale!


A Bag for A Ball

I have been meaning to stitch up some sort of bag for Ashland’s ball because he like to take one outside  often, and it’s not the easiest of things to manage safely (i.e. balls have a way of rolling out of his arm in the parking lot and such). I contemplated converting a t-shirt, but then realized that tank tops would make a much easier conversion to bags!

This tank that got too small is about perfect size for this 5 inch ball. All that was necessary was stitching up the bottom end of the shirt. Though functionally unnecessary, I tucked up the two bottom corners and added buttons for rounded look.

Reusable Lunch Sack

…So I stitched up a reusable lunch sack the day before Immi’s first day of school because I thought carrying lunch bag on top of huge backpack is an over-kill for a mandatory snack for 2 hour class (Weird right? Don’t get me started…) I was feeling quite smug about it sewing it up — having looked up standard dimension of brown bags and all that. But as soon as I finished making this, it occurred to me that lunch bags with draw string (like bags for Japanese bento boxes) would have been a better design 😐 And what’s more, Immi won’t drink this juice box probably because it’s not organic, and it has “natural flavor” in it — I should have looked more closely before putting it in the shopping cart.