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Perfect Dress

Immi spotted this amazing dress (flower girl dress?) at a thrift shop and really really wanted it. I can see why — it looks exactly like the way she talks about her imaginary perfect dress. She had been specifically asking for a white dress (like the one Cinderella wears on the wedding day picture book story, I think), and what do you know, it fit perfectly!


A very nice quality dress with much more wallet friendly price tag compared to fake princess dresses at toy shops.


Important Lessons

I take my duty to teach kids important life-skills very seriously. Hunting? Accounting? Whatever. I’m talking about thrifting!!


Lately…(in photos)

Lots on my mind lately which seems to make me wordless. Anyhow, not for lack of doing things that helps me keep my sanity!










Vintage Buttons

Best of thrifted crafty finds lately…big lot of buttons! All of this, for $2 — I have no idea how many there are!

When they are all bunched up like this, none of them look very special, but there’s actually lots of cute ones. Not that mediocre ones aren’t useful.

…Here’s some red, yellow and black ones.

My favorite ones are glass buttons, but in the end, I use plastic ones the most in crafting. I think I shall be able to find perfect buttons for most projects!

Vintage Threads and Tiny Crochet Hooks

I totally adore vintage threads of all sorts. This one in amazing color is crochet/tatting thread.

Because I have been crochetting tiny things using regular sewing thread lately, I was hoping to find crochet hooks that are smaller than the ones I can find at regular craft super stores — I have seen very delicate vintage crochet lace so I figured crochet hooks must have come in smaller sizes long time ago. …And I was totally right! I found a whole bunch of really small crochet hooks at Knittn’ Kitten. I’ve added the pin in the photo for scale.

The threads designed for these hooks are very delicate, completely beautiful and come in variety of colors. Look at the price on these things — 15¢  and 30¢ !

And this red one looks like it’s newer than then rest but the color red is rich and I love that it’s slightly variegated.


Mix Match Flatware

A short while ago, I had an idea to collect assortment of vintage flatware for a mix match set for everyday use. Ironically, we actually have really nice matched sets (2 of which has been dormant in cabinet) but none of them are perfect for our needs and I got Todd to agree with me that this would be fun and functional. …So we’ve gone out utensil-hunting on wintery weekends and now we have enough of everything to replace our boring set!

I’m curating the collection by quality and not by style. It makes me very happy — it’s like a museum at the dinner table — but I can easily see if some people were really bothered by the assorted look.

I’m looking forward to adding to the collection over time!

Mechanical Clock

I found this clock at a thrift shop and said “Hey Todd, I found for us an alarm clock!” (we don’t have any clock since we’ve moved to Portland other than ones part of computers, phones and microwave). Of course I was totally kidding when I said this — I mean it’s obviously broken — but then wondered if it had gears in it for taking apart and making steampunk inspired jewelry with.

…And gears it had! Lots of pretty brass ones!

But actually it makes several very pretty sounds and it’s so much fun to watch the gears move that I can’t bear to take it apart. So I’ll keep it like this at least until I get a chance to record these sounds (…or this one just might have to stay like this and I’ll find another one to take apart!).

Recycle Crafting

I really enjoy crafting with reclaimed, thrifted or otherwise vintage materials. It’s not just environmental or economical (though these things are definitely important to me as well) — I honestly enjoy that all the different parts to be assembled each have history of sorts.

I added some sparkle to the totally fabulous purse I thrifted for $3!! It looks like who ever owned this bag never really used it — lucky me (Todd and I believe that we have good thrifting karma because we donate regularly).

The key is vintage (I have no idea where it’s originally from or how old…). The silk textile was my grandmother’s that my mom saved for me to make something with — I’ve sewn the sides, frayed the bottom, and punched a hole to add an eyelet. The brass disc was part of my sister’s earring which I’ve hammered flat from a dome shape. The black bead is from mom’s necklace, and I can’t remember where the moonstone bead came from…maybe I actually bought this one at a bead store some time ago. I’ll probably change out the ball chain to something more suitable as soon as I find it.


I had a date with Immi hanging out on Hawthorne Blvd. Immi seems to enjoy outings with just the two of us, and I enjoy it too since she is actually fun to shop with. This is a little nook we found at the back of House Vintage. The old TV is still [sort of] working!

Immi seemed a little tired so instead of walking around much, we sat down for a frozen yogurt. We found a self serve yogurt bar called Swirl where you can build your own with which ever yogurt and toppings (you pay by the oz at the counter). Check out our creation it has: plain frozen yogurt, mochi, lychee, condensed milk, mini M&Ms and sprinkles. It’s totally weird but that’s because immi and I were going to share it.

Spring Project

I’ve been wanting to make spring scarf, and I thrifted a perfect yarn for it at KnittnKitten for $2.75 (It’s a thick&thin 100% cotton yarn — probably handmade, the price tag underneath it says $20!)! …Of course I have this tendency to start seasonal project *during* the season rather than *before* which probably means it’ll be mid-summer by the time I finish this at the rate I’m going with it. I haven’t had much time for knitting as I’d like since I’ve been trying to redesigning my other website, but it’s almost done!

I also thrifted some vintage crochet hooks. Pink one says “hero” on it, and I thought it charming that blue one says “55¢” — for which I’ve gladly shelled out $1.50 😀