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Cute Owl

Sweet little owl. Vintage toy.



Creepy Bunny

Very creepy bunny.


It definitely has secrets.



Cute Dinosaur

…is what Ashland calls this thing.

It’s hardly cute, really. And to be honest, I hesitated to get this thing because I wondered if kids would be too scared. As it turns out, it’s the favorite for both Ashland and Lucian (he calls it “di-do-dores!!!”) and they fight over it often.

She Was Pretty

…but then her head rolled off.

Stitching Up A Bunny

Ashland loves bunnies. I’m not entirely sure why. Anyhow, he calls marshmallows bunnies for some reason (because they are fluffy and white?) even though I keep correcting him that they are called “marsh-mal-low”. …And so one day, on a whim, I squished the marshmallow with my fingers into a bunny shape. And Ashland LOVED it. He was so enamored with it that he didn’t even eat it and played with it for few hours. Unfortunately, every time I offer him marshmallows now, he wants me to make all of them bunny shaped. Anyhow. I decided to stitch him up a bunny that is a bit less sticky. I just doodled up one, but no doubt it’s inspired by mishmash of things I’ve seen (Coraline, Lalaloopsy, Skeleanimals…etc. etc).


I’m glad he really liked it! (He fell a sleep with it in his band). It just occurred to me, he would totally adore bunny version of marshmallow peeps won’t he? I’ll have to get some!


Wizard Fire Wand

Immi plays with her magical superhero faery princess wand every single day (and I mean literally, every single day) and I’m pleased to say that it’s holding up really well. Seeing how integral it is to her everyday play, I wanted to make one for Ashland too. But exactly what, I didn’t know — I don’t mean to fuss over gender issue too much but somehow I didn’t think sparkly heart-shaped faery princess item was really Ashland’s style. Anyhow, I searched around for wands appropriate for boys and surprisingly found not much inspiration at all (other than Harry Potter style wands, which I figured is boring for the kids not old enough yet to appreciate the book/movie). Maybe boys don’t really play with wands? I have no idea but I decided to just imagine one up and this is what I came up with:

A Wizard’s Mystical Fire Wand!

Here’s a close-up.

When I finally finished it and handed it to Ashland, he was so happy (Actually, it really annoyed immi since she seems to have thought that it was for her)! He’s been carrying it around since (best compliment ever!). Now I just have to come up with something for Lucian, or else, he’ll be waving around his magic silicone spatula for another while longer.