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Treasure Hunting

…or grage sale rummaging anyhow. We’ve been enjoying gardening to much to do much of it this summer, but had fun out and about today! I found a vintage pipe threader, which not only looks cool but I actually have use for.


A box of legos, which is always very welcomed!


And a cute old industrial desk for our office!


Cute Owl

Sweet little owl. Vintage toy.



Creepy Bunny

Very creepy bunny.


It definitely has secrets.



Tiny Shiny Things





Sewing Notions




Cherries and Stuff

Summary of my week in one photo:

Not that there’s shortage of cherry photos in the world, but here — it’s for my sister. She loves cherries (hi!!!). The two years we were lucky enough to be able to live together in our adult life (her last 2 years of undergrad and my grad years), I remember her eating entire pound of cherries all by herself. I don’t like cherries all that much because I’m too lazy to deal with the stem and the pits. But Todd and Ashland loves them. They are delicious this time of the year and I do end up having some despite myself.

Vintage Key Rainbow Necklace

I was almost done with this necklace for a long while and I finally finished it up!

Here’s the detail on the clasp which was the funnest part to make!

Japanese Vintage Sewing Kit

When my sister was visiting from Japan for a few days, she brought us a whole bunch of fabulous souvenirs but the most amazing item is this little vintage sewing kit. It was my mom’s which my grandmom had kept, apparently. It’s from the 50’s. It wasn’t anything special then, a normal one everyone had for home economics class at school. Well, it’s plenty special now! I haven’t seen much of vintage sewing notions from Japan, so I was super excited!

Key to Faeryland

I made a faux moss terrarium to suspend a tiny key. It’s so small while being quite detailed that it looks like a ginormous garden gate key for faeries! I do wonder what it really opened — cabinets or writing desk?

It has dried moss (no need for water or light!) and little gemstone pebbles below that to make it look like a functioning terrarium.

The wee little key is only about one inch long!

Todd found it for me, along with all these ones. Lucky lucky me!

Fancy Pretty Sea Salt for Cooking

Ever since the day my sister and I bought pretty jar full of lovely french sea salt in discounted gourmet food section at TJ Maxx to use as a bath soak (price was comparable to bath salts, and cooking salt doesn’t have crap like artificial color and scent in them) and decided to have a taste before pouring it in to the tub — I’ve been a fancy salt enthusiast. And that was in NH, so…10 years ago? I’m not particularly a good cook but I absolutely believe that good salt makes a huge difference. We don’t even ever buy iodized salt because it makes everything taste bad. For things where “ocean” flavor of the salt doesn’t count for much — like salting pasta water — I use kosher salt. …So when our friends shared with us sampling of very very fancy sea salt, it totally made my day!

This one is raspberry rosemary dessert salt. I think I’d love to bake some on shortbread cookies! How beautiful is this pink color?? [The cute vintage spoon thrifted for $0.10!]

And this one is some sort of peppery herb salt.

And this one is pink salt with seaweed in it.

And this one is “finishing” salt. The crystals are pyramid shaped flakes!

And this one is white truffle salt! Yum yum!!!

So pretty, it makes me happy just looking at them!