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Making Lucet

My widely random and long-winded train of thought led me to the making of this gorilla lucet. It’s made from kid’s gorilla toy from zoo animal set — I drilled a big hole in the middle. It works surprisingly well for how silly it looks!


Crafting Serendipitously

When I saw the cute little brass candle holder for $0.99 while thrifting, I immediately wanted to make it into a pin cushion. It had been sitting on my desk when I noticed that the base screws off, which I thought was such an opportunity to thread something onto it. I found 2 hex nuts that fit, which wanted to be covered with crochet with vintage crochet thread I happen to acquire recently. And few more random inspirations and serendipitous happenings later, I ended up with this strange little pin cushion. The cushion portion is needle felted wool. I’m not sure if I like it or not, but I suppose it’s definitely one-of-a-kind.

I’m wanting a knitting project, since I haven’t been knitting much lately. I found this rainbow color yarn and immediately thought of Immi and her Carebears. I’m knitting some test patches to see what I want to make with it. I never make swatches but this yarn is a bit weird — it’s a single spun 100% synthetic fiber (I guess cute cheap yarn gets me poor quality…), and also I need to figure out how big each color stripe would be.


Unravel and Wind

Ashland is *not* helping me unravel the scarf I crochet sometime ago and winding it back into a ball along with one extra strand of very thin yarn. I decided to take apart this finished project because I liked the yarn better than the item I made with it…and thought it deserved another try.

I unravel my projects often — during the design process and even then I’m “done” with it. It doesn’t bother me to unravel because number of hours I’m entertained per material cost is more important to me than cranking out lots of finished products 🙂

Fuzzy Yarn

I got the vintage mohair yarn (it’s 85% mohair and 15% vinyon) out of my little stash box and wound it into a ball to use.

I’ve never worked with mostly-mohair yarn. I thought I can’t go wrong experimenting with it since I got this yarn for $2! I love the way mohair yarn looks, but honestly it’s not the softest yarn.


We’ve been enjoying the fireplace a lot lately even though it’s not particularly cold. Miss Monroe loves the fire (Oskar doesn’t). I’m drying some yarn I spun near it though I think I’m not supposed to heat wooley things (I thought it better than staying wet for days in humidity!).

Yarn and Coffee

We’ve ventured out to North East of Portland because I wanted to checkout the yarn shop called Twisted. We are having coffee at Seven Virtues who serve local coffee, local pastries, and showcase local artists. Here’s Todd’s big white mocha and my little white mocha. All the espresso drinks in PDX seem to come with pretty frothy designs — am I’m being spoiled here, or is this how coffee supposed to look?

The yarn shop, was the best yarn shop I’ve been in EVER. It’s not the biggest (which will the the Yarn Garden in different part of Portland) but they have very nice selection of yarn, very cozy and happy atmosphere (and they serve huge menu of tea!), and best of all, very friendly staff! I got this pinky orangie super soft cotton yarn destined to be immi’s something.


Today’s teatime treat. It’s called “jammer” from Grand Central Bakery and is very very tasty. I like that it’s buttery enough for me to not need more butter to spread on:)

My mother-in-law gifted me all these soft fluffy white yarn (and bunch of the hooks in the Jar too!). I have here an opportunity here to make something a bit bigger than a scarf and trying to decide on the best use for them.


I spun this yarn on a top whorl spindle…months ago in Reston. I finally had a chance to set the twist here in PDX 🙂

I had no idea how difficult it was to photograph yarn. The yarn is really shimmery with shiny bits in real life, I don’t seem to be able to capture that in the photo.

I’m a beginner at spinning. It’s a good thing though that I like uneven ‘handspun’ look anyway 😀 One of these days, I think I might like a spinning wheel, but for now, I quite like the spindle. I think that yarn came out pretty, but of course all the credit goes to the gorgeous fiber I spun.